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Sep 1, 2008 12:56 PM

The one place in San Diego or North County

I will be celebrating my wedding aniversary in Carlsbad this weekend. If you had to name one go to place for the best dining experience, where would it be? PLease consider food quality, creativity, ambiance, and service. Thanks!

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  1. Best is a funny word. Best place for fine dining in North County MAY be Addison. Steaks, MAY be West. Chicken Bake, MAY be Costco.

    But I suspect you may be seeking Addison. Very upscale, fine dining, big bucks.


    1. Market (which is on Via de la Valle in what many would say is Del Mar, but any local knows its actually San Diego) and Blanca on Coast Highway in Solana Beach appear to meet your criteria. Outstanding, innovative food, attentive service, sophisticated atmosphere. They're both about 10-15 minutes south from Carlsbad.

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        Market and Blanca are both excellent choices.

        However, as a matter of clarification, Market is indeed located in Del Mar (92014) in the "Highlands" area east of Solana Beach. The same cannot be said of Ruth's Chris Del Mar location (in Carmel Valley) and the Fish Market's Del Mar location (in Solana Beach).

        1. re: wanker

          Not to divert too much off topic here, but Market is not in the city limits of Del Mar. This map confirms the city boundaries. http://www.delmar.ca.us/NR/rdonlyres/...
          Now, the 92014 zip code my cover Market's location, but to say it's located in Del Mar is incorrect. Anyway, enough said. After all, this is chowhound, not geographyhound.com. :)

          1. re: encinitaseater

            Agreed. The actual incorporated City of Del Mar is much smaller than the area of the 92104 zip code,which the US Post office refers to as Del Mar. Residents often refer to this area as the "unicorporated area of Del Mar" and pay good money to live there.

      2. I would probably say Blanca, for the best combo of all three.

        1. Addison at the Grand Del Mar, Market, Mille Fleurs, Pamplemousse, El Bizcocho.

          1. Market (unicorporated Del Mar), Mille Fleurs (Rancho Santa Fe) and/or Pamplemousse (technically, I think in Solana Beach. Have a good time!