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Sep 1, 2008 12:36 PM

Best romantic restaurant toronto?

Looking for a special place to go for an anniversary dinner. any great suggestions?

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  1. Any specific type of food in mind - and area?

    1. I will hijack this thread since I was going to do a search for something similar within the next week or so. It will be my 10 year anniversary next weekend [not this coming weekend, the one after] and I am looking for a romantic restaurant.

      With regards to food and area - I am vegetarian, my partner is not. We both enjoy all types of food, although he is not overly fond of Greek. As for location - somewhere served by the TTC - not necessarily subway, but bus or streetcar would be okay. Generally we don't go much further north than Bloor, but anywhere south is fine and generally we stay west of Yonge Street - extending as far west as one can go and still be in Toronto.

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        I would like to throw Amuse Bouche out there as an option. Located just north of King, on Tecumseh, if you haven't been before, it's quite a romantic little gem. I do believe they are vegetarian-accommodating as well.