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Sep 1, 2008 12:19 PM

Best Brunch and Ambiance

within 20 mins driving from downtown LA?

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    1. re: Servorg

      what are the prices for brunch like at Cliffs Edge?

      1. re: veee

        I recall most of the items fell in the $6 to $15 range. I like Campanile's brunch best of any of their offerings.

    2. what are your thoughts on Campanile's brunch?

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      1. re: veee

        i really care for campanile most at brunch. they do some good eggs, and when i could still eat them, the cottage cheese pancakes were lovely and fluffy. plus the room is lovely.

        1. re: veee

          They have a super excellent bloody mary. Made with roasted tomatoes/veggies, nice and spicy, delicious. However, I think the food is overpriced. It's good, but just seems like there should be something else on the plate, for the money.

          Edit: their beef hash looked very good. I didn't have that, but I'm told it was delicious. It was a good sized portion.

        2. Campanile's main dining room in the daylight is really pretty -- an entrance with a fountain, dramatic ceiling (it is called Campanile, after all), lots of light, an open kitchen along one wall. Prices at brunch aren't horrible -- midteens -- but it appears from the online menu that everything is a la carte -- I don't know for certain. On a Sunday morning without heavy traffic, it is probably a twenty minute shot down to the 10 Santa Monica Freeway, then north on La Brea and a fairly long drive past Wilshire. Website is:

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          1. re: nosh

            any other ideas?

            i'll look into cliffs edge. looks great from the website!

              1. re: budlit

                i agree Jar has the best tasting brunch I've had in Los Angeles

                1. re: duffyeater

                  can u tell me more about Jar? there's no brunch menu on the website.

                  1. re: veee

                    They have a great roast beef hash along with things like chilaquiles. Prices are on par with Campanile and Cliff's Edge. While the interior space is nice I think it falls below the other two places in terms of ambiance. They have a really good bar and their brunch type drinks like Ramos Gin Fizzes, et al. are quite good.

                    1. re: veee

                      Sure there is. Look under Menu/Sunday Brunch.

                      I'm hitting that up next.

              2. someone suggested Twin Palms... but it looks like there are mixed reviews for brunch on this site... anyone want to comment?

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                1. re: veee

                  I used to go to Twin Palms all the time, starting from a long time ago. It had gotten progressively bad and worse. I haven't been there for some years now, bc the last time I was there, it was just BAD. Too bad, bc the space is so nice.

                  In Pasadena, Crepe Vine is nice for brunch, be sure to sit inside, not in their outdoor area.

                  I've eaten brunch at a number of places recently, and for your request, the first thing that came to mind is The Restaurant at the Getty. But that may be more than 20 min from dt.

                  1. re: slacker

                    The Restaurant at the Getty is indeed an impressive and spectacular venue, particularly if some of the party hadn't been there before. Floor to ceiling windows with views from coast to downtown, overlooking the gardens with some of the immense architecture in the foreground. For those who only remember the hubbub of the first few years, you no longer need to make reservations to park there -- parking is now $8 per car. Then you take the tram up to the museum complex. The Restaurant is through the first greeting building (the fifteen-minute film on the history of the Getty is worth seeing) and then to the right and up. Food and service are surprisingly good, and I certainly would suggest reservations for brunch. Two quibbles: There is no menu on the Getty website, and I can't find one on menupages or any links. Also, it is probably at least a half hour drive from downtown (110 south, west on 10, north on 405 -- more picturesque drive straight west on Sunset) and then another twenty minutes to park, catch the tram, and walk to the restaurant.

                    1. re: slacker

                      what's wrong with the oudoor area of Crepe Vine? (i've never been)

                      1. re: veee

                        There are many wonderful alleyways in old town, most or all of them have historic information bronze placards. Crepe Vine is located in one such charming alleyway. Unfortunately, in the same alley across from Crepe Vine is a large dumpster. Sometimes the odor gets wafted over. Very unpleasant in any circumstance, and extraordinarily so when one is dining. Completely avoidable by sitting inside. They also have a nice bar for drinking and dining.

                  2. One Pico at Shutters in Santa Monica.

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                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      if vee is firm about being no more than 20 minutes from downtown, one pico probably wouldn't work.

                      1. re: westsidegal

                        On a weekend (i.e. brunch), 20 minutes from downtown to SM is easily doable.