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Aug 8, 2003 09:02 PM

Pico and Bundy Restaurant in the late 50's/60's

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Help. In the late 50's/early 60's, there was a restaurant on the northeast corner of Pico and Bundy. It was basically a burger and fried chicken place. They had a fire pit, and you ordered at the grill, and carried your own food back. Does anyone remember the name. I think but not sure it started with a "P".

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    Isn't it still there? There sure is a burger and fried chicken joint on the NE corner.

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    1. re: palisadesman

      yes, but its not the same place. We're trying to remember the name of the place that was there for many years back then.

      1. re: palisadesman

        Teddy's is the current tenant on the corner, adjacent to the Bombay Cafe, and across from Conroy's and Taco Hell.

        1. re: carter

          I wish it was still Nuway's. A funny incident happened to me in January of this year as I rode my bicycle up Bundy very early one weekday morning on the way to work. As I approached the intersection of Pico heading north on Bundy I just caught out of the corner of my eye an animal streaking across Bundy coming from the Taco B heading towards Teddy's. I slammed on by brakes to avoid hitting it and realized as it crossed right in front of my tire that it was a very large rat, running for its life. As my family now jokes it barely escaped becoming part of the lunch menu at TB. (g)

      2. w

        I believe you are refering to Nuway (sp.)

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        1. re: westsideclyde

          That was it. Very good chili cheese dogs, but they also had something called the "Spanish Delight" (no bad jokes please, it would be too easy) that was a tamale at the bottom of a styrofoam container on top of which they added hot chili and then grated cheddar cheese and onions. Very good, very addictive,(and very deadly, I'm sure).

          1. re: WLA

            Nuway was the only restaurant anywhere open late on Xmas Eve and Xmas nite.
            In High School, we'd get stoned and drive from Westchester on Xmas nite to eat chili and balance salt shakers-an unheard of talent today:)

          2. re: westsideclyde

            I believe it was spelled Nu-Way.

            It had originated during the WWII years when it was simply a hot dog stand. It was open 24 hours then and drew its business mainly from workers at the defense plants, especially the nearby Douglas Aircraft Co., which operated three shifts around the clock in those years. The Nu-Way hot dog was an all-beef Vienna frank topped with a very tasty chili made in-house that was nearly all meat. A second location existed for about 10 years near the WLA Court House. The original Nu-Way evolved and changed over the years but its ownership stayed in the same family until, I believe, sometime in the 1970's when it came to a tragic end. That was when the couple who ran the business were followed home from work and were robbed and murdered.

            1. re: Bruce

              I remember the Huddle well, but it was across from the front of the Santa Monica Airport.

            2. That should be Pickle Dans

              1. Yes, my friends and I used to get chili dogs at Nuways around 1960, the best ever, too bad the good old restaurants are all gone including Pickle Bills on Pico.

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                1. re: malibumike

                  Mike, have you ever tried Ketchy's II over around the corner on La Grange off of Sawtelle? Pretty legitimate chili cheese dogs or chili cheese fries or even tamales smothered in chili...and they do Hawaiian type spam dishes (with chili if you want) along with other more Japanese style food in the style of the long gone Mago's on Centinela in Mar Vista. You can see a sample of their menu which changes here on this Yelp photo:

                  Ketchy's II
                  La Grange on the E side of Sawtelle
                  - Behind Mizu 212 -
                  Los Angeles, CA 90025
                  (310) 481-0799

                  1. re: Servorg


                    why didn't you tell me about this joint sooner ?

                    1. re: kevin

                      Bogarting it, kev...but you can have a toke now...just don't inhale it too fast. ;-D>