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Sep 1, 2008 11:48 AM

eggs 'n things now history

after more than 30 years of dishing up late night and early morning pancakes, eggs, and other such breakfast fare, eggs 'n things in Waikiki closed its doors for the final time yesterday. don't know how I would have made it through UH without them.

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  1. Too bad. It was the kind of place that's been there so long, you take for granted it will always be there. Lots of people will have to find somewhere else to eat breakfast now, locals and tourists.

    1. I've heard they will reopen under new ownership. There is a sign on a storefront on Saratoga Road that says "eggs 'n things coming soon. So maybe it will reemerge and my wife can get her chocolate pancakes again.

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      1. re: 50sGuy

        New ownership? I kind of cringe whenever ownership of a long time restaurant changes. Very few seem to be able to maintain the previous level of quality in the transition and more than a few end up going out of business. Will keep my fingers crossed.

        1. re: curiousgeo

          Their website says that the old owners are staying on as consultants for as long as it takes...hopefully they can smooth out the transition.

          1. re: akq

            As of last week, although they had the "coming soon" sign at the new Saratoga Rd. location, inside was empty. (There are two empty side-by-side storefronts, both of which are small; I'm assuming they're going to combine the two.) I think it's going to be a little later than Fall before it opens (but hopefully before my next return trip).

            Luckily, thanks to notice on this board, I made it for macadamia nut pancakes on Aug. 29, two days before closing. For the next week, whenever I'd go buy the old location, there would inevitably be people peering into the darkness, scratching their heads. Popular place.

      2. Oh, man...

        Now where is Mrs DD going to get her macadamia nut pancakes with warm coconut syrup when we go there in January? Any other place within walking distance of Hale Koa???

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        1. re: dd992emo

          Wailana just down the street at intersection by the Hilton Hawaiian or Halekulani in opposite direction are great breakfast choices or for a wonderful breakfast buffet the Shorebird at Outrigger Reef.