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Sep 1, 2008 11:29 AM

good restaurants, casual dress?

My husband and I are coming to Mahattan (his first visit) in two weeks, and are looking for some good restaurants that might have relaxed dress codes. We are from Austin, TX and are used to wearing jeans everywhere! We are willing to bring something nicer, but would prefer not to have to pack too heavy, either.
So, any don't miss places with a casual vibe? Jeans or khakis? We will eat just about anything, but can get great steaks here, so seafood, any international cuisuine, sushi...Italian if it isn't really heavy.

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  1. We are staying just south of Times Square, but are willing to go a pretty good distance.

    1. Jeans are usually fine if you dress them up a bit: a nice dress shirt, sports coat, and closed toed shoes. My fiance didn't own a pair of proper dress slacks until recently, so that was his preferred method of dress for nicer restaurants. We've been to Gramercy Tavern, Eleven Madison Park, The Modern, etc.

      Very few restaurants in Manhattan are "jacket required" any more.

      1. Agreed that very few restaurants are strict about jackets any more although there are a few. Ouest on the Upper West Side is excellent and casual attire is ok there. Sushi of Gari is very good and, at least at the Upper East Side location, casual is fine there as well. Reservations are needed for both of these!