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Sep 1, 2008 11:24 AM

best pizza in Pittsburg

We are staying at the airport and want to know what the best pizza in Pittsburg is! We don't care about the drive time....let us know...thanks!

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  1. The classic response has to be Mineo's in Murray Ave in Squirrell Hill.

    1. I'll frame this by saying I'm not originally from here. I'm not an ardent fan of the local favorites like Mineo's, Fiori's or Caruso's, although I eat at all three.

      For me, best everyday pizza = Harry's in Waterdam Plaza down in Peters.
      Upscale = Il Pizzaiolo, Mt. Lebanon
      I also have enjoyed pizzas at Church Brew Works and Piccolo Forno

      I have been hearing good things from people I trust on pizza matters about Don Campiti's in Dormont. But I've never had a pie there.

      In the end, most pizza is good. Even some chains. In fact, other than CiCi's, Dominos and Beto's, I don't think I've ever had a truly vile pie or slice in Pittsburgh.

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      1. re: Panini Guy

        A lot of people love Beto's! That being said, I'd agree with Mineo's, II Pizzaiolo, and Harry's.

        Mineo's I don't know how to describe other than it's kinda the thickness of Dominos but a whole hell of a lot better.

        Harry's is very thin crust and I'm a big fan.

        II Pizzaiolo is neopolitan style, a little pricey.

        I think Beto's is the closest to the airport, may be worth trying at least a slice of Beto's and then somewhere else, that's what I'd do. You could do Beto's then go to the Mineo's in Mt. Lebonon, wouldn't be too far from each other.

        1. re: Rick

          I'm sure a lot of people like Beto's. I see the glowing reviews on other sites from people who swear it's better than Italy (really???).

          But I'm not one of them. I found it so completely awful, I won't even give them a second chance. I had to spit it out. It is singularly and without question my numero uno worst food experience since moving here from New England (where thin crust places like Harry's are more the norm, along with Greek-style and coal oven).

          But that's just my opinion. I think that if one grew up on that style of bread with sauce and a pile of lukewarm cheese and toppings, it probably tastes like home or something. For whatever reason I can't access profiles, so can't tell where the op is from, but he is attending the Giants game, so I'm going to guess NY/NJ, which skews a thinner crust like Harry's or Mineo's.

          I'll admit that pizza tastes are definitely regional. I doubt Betos would last a week in the Northeast. Odds are one of my faves, the Colony in Stamford, famous for a razor thin pan pie crust wouldn't make it out here.

          1. re: Rick

            I finally tried II Pizzaiolo recently, and I really wanted to like it, but... I didn't. I had high hopes due to the DOC rating, which I had experienced in DC at Two Amys. Granted, we didn't get the Margharita - we got the pizza with rapini and sausage. The flavor was decent, but it was so soggy - actually wet on the bottom. We asked the server if something was wrong with it, but she didn't seem too concerned. Now I understand that putting vegetables on the pizza could cause some additional moisture, but this was ridiculous. Maybe they need to rethink how they precook the rapini?

            Overall, I wasn't interested enough to give it another try - which is a bummer, because I wanted to like it. And the prices seemed too high for he quality. Oh well...

            1. re: addiegirl

              It's been a while, but I felt the same way about Il Pizzaiolo. More recently, I experienced My Brick Oven on Banksville Road. Not impressed. I went to Beto's once, a really long time ago. Once. That tells that tale.

        2. Well, here it is, the P-G pizza article from yesterday:

          Rant away. ;-)

          PS Don't forget this older but longer thread on Pittsburgh pizza:

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          1. re: CrazyOne

            Guess I've got to try Joijo's - I'd never heard of it before. I think I can handle a pierogi pie more readily than the "turbo" pie that Caruso's recently launched - bbq chicken and fries on top. Aargggh.

            I see China went for the clam pie at Harry's. Having been raised on clam pie back in CT, the one time I tried Harry's version, I was disappointed in the garlic "sauce" - a classic NH-style clam pie is a drier, clams oreganata-type topping.

            But we had an eggplant/mushroom pie from Harry's last night. I can't wait for breakfast to finish it off. Why don't more places here do eggplant? Other than Bado's and Harry's, can't think of any place in the So. Hills that offer it.