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Sep 1, 2008 10:25 AM

Kitchen wishlist

Hello i'm somewhat new to forums went to culinary school, working in a restaurant now. anyways, I love new kitchen gadgets. i have a few i really want right now and wondering what everyone else would love to have.
Heres my top 5 on list in no specific order:

1. Meat grinder
2. ice cream machine
3. meat slicer
4. cleaver
5. stick blender

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  1. 1. PacoJet ice cream freezer
    2. Commercial ice machine
    3. refrigerator drawer for prep counter
    4. 30k btu wok burner
    5. Bob Kramer knives( actually, this one is past wishing, I hav an order pending for one)

    1. 1. Pacojet- just bought one for home- it's awesome. I made a warm pepperoni cream for a potato soup this past weekend.
      2. Turbochef
      3. Induction stove top
      4. Excalibur dehydrator
      5. Immersion circulator

      1. ok today I went to china town in nyc after dinner and got myself cleaver, cross that off the list hehe only cost me $7 good blade but i can see the handle possible not being the best for 7 bucks i had no choice.

        1. I want All-Clad to make a pancake turner with a squared off end, in addition to the rounded off one the make now. Sani-safe, Dexter and Russel are getting my business instead.

          While on a rave about All-Clad, I want them to fix their handles so it's not painful or awkward to try and flip things around in a frypan, or simply pick up a pot.

          And while I'm griping about handles, I'll add almost every copper cookware maker to my "yo, hire an ergonomics engineer!" list. Brass is probably the second most idiotic material to choose for a handle. Iron is not only cheaper, but stays cooler. Stainless would be even better. And for anyone that thinks stainless handles would add to the cost significantly, let me point you to a $20 Calphalon or Cuisinart pan.

          And while I'm complaining about copper pans, how about some where the copper only goes halfway up the sides? I hate that overcooked 'ring around the pot' you get from the heat that went up the sides to the edge of your sauce where it meets the pan.

          How about a springform pan with some judicious usage of silicone to make a real leakproof gasket? With both a glass and metal bottom? I'm looking at you, Kaiser. You took the ball, ran with it a bit then dropped it.

          How about a decent double burner griddle? Not a single one I've used has a decent heat distribution. Mauviel makes a fish poacher shaped like a kite just for flounder, a pan dedicated to pommes Anna, and yet doesn't make a double burner griddle. Someone makes a somewhat decent aluminum one, but the one I had went out the window in frustration because the handles stood upright and kept getting in the way of a spatula (turner). Another reason cookware makers should hire ergonomics and usability experts.

          How about a pair of tongs that are FLAT at the tip, instead of the traditional curved / scalloped shape? How is one supposed to slide the end of the tongs under whatever it is you're trying to flip?

          Williams Sonoma filled my desire awhile back for a set of measuring spoons that actually *fit* into the mouth of a spice jar. And they also now carry Tovolo's line of mixing spoons and utensils that have stainless handles with *stiffened* silicone business ends.

          How about a slow cooker (crock pot) with an insulated body, so the outside doesn't get hot? Hot applances in summer are the bane of the kitchen.

          Speaking of insulation, where are the cake pans that are insulated *right*? As in, the sides are insulated, and not the bottom, so my cakes don't overcook at the edges, migrate to the middle then rise so they look like throw pillows? Yeah, Wilton makes something called 'cake strips' that help, but I'd rather have a pans available that are designed to take care of the problem from the get-go.

          How about a mixer (or hand mixer, or even a blender) with *real* speed control? Set it to 120 RPM and it uses as much power as it needs to STAY at 120 RPM. Or 30 RPM, or whatever. Not something at the top of my wishlist, but there've definitely been times I've wanted that feature.

          Now, how about a convection oven with some sort of moving directional vanes that randomizes the airflow better, to avoid that 'this corner was held in a blast furnace' effect, especially when using sheet trays that come close to the sides of the oven?

          Every time I have to deal with the same annoying problem in my kitchen, I look for a product that eliminates that annoyance. And when I fail to find a better mousetrap, I wind up just dealing with the annoyances and adding something to my wishlist.

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          1. re: ThreeGigs

            I can't live without my microwave, although this may seem a bit low-brow to some. I never use it for actual cooking, except vegetables which I find much better in it and supposedly they're more nutritious. I prefer its timer over any other one I have and I use it for melting butter or chocolate, heating milk for coffee and of course reheating leftovers.

            I also really like wooden utensils over any other. They stay cool, they're quiet and very easily replaceable if necessary.