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Sep 1, 2008 09:12 AM

Best flan in Austin

My wife and I have been eating around Austin in search of the perfect flan. We, unfortunately, have found more misses than hits. I am hoping that some of you chowers maybe have a favorite in town that you would like to share with me? I know some of us may have a different criteria for the perfect mexican custard but, I was hoping to get some suggestions of some new places to try! Thanks!

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  1. Olivia's duck egg creme caramel is delicious. It has the decadent texture and integration of flavor that I seek. That is, most others aren't up to par in my book because the custard itself is too chewy (or too stiff), or the sauce is too watery to really add to the dish.

    1. I like Las Palomas' flan.

      1. Philip, just to narrow it down, where have you been so far?

        I thought the flan at Dona Emilia's was wonderful, with a rich flavor and very creamy texture. It had a great "mouth feel."

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          Los Pinos has a dense, rich, tall flan that is fabulous.

        2. My son's friend just broke his arm. Flan is his favorite dessert and I'd like to take him some. I was planning to just wimp out and drive through Taco Cabana but they don't carry it. Any suggestions for flan in North Austin? Nothing too fancy, doesn't have to the *best* in Austin. I've made sopapillas at home and they came out pretty good I suppose I could also just try making it.

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            HEB stocks Marta's Flan in the refrigerated section.

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              yeah!!! I'm on my way - thanks for the tip!

              BTW scrumptious, I know this is off thread, but I ate at Galloway's today and didn't care for the fried chicken. Blasphemy, I know. We got there at 11:45 and he (Mr. Galloway?, very, very nice man anyway) told us it would be another 30 minutes before it was ready. We went over to Big Red Sun to kill time and came back. It was dry and the sides (potatoes and spinach) were unspectacular. My husband liked his smothered steak and our friend really, really liked his catfish. The brown gravy was quite good. Apparently it was on off day for chicken. :-( The funny thing was, we had a sheet of plywood in the back of the truck and you should have seen the interest it generated in the people loitering around. I was surprised it was still there when we finished lunch. We'll definately give it another try - I know it's a CH favorite.

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                To put it mildly.I've wrestled with the decision and decided to let you stay on the board.It was a close call.Please review some of my other favorites and weigh in with opinions that closely mirror mine and everything will be ok.

                I'm not sure if it's actually a chowhound favorite but I know a few hounds whose opinion I value who think it's the real deal.Glad your man and your friend had a positive experience.

          2. I had a bite of the flan at Sazon last week. I'm no expert but thought it was pretty darn good. It wasn't rubbery and the consistancy of the sauce was perfect. I had ordered the tres leches cake; and though it was good, I was coveting my dinner companion's flan.