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Sep 1, 2008 09:02 AM

NC Barbecue Trail - Jack Cobb & Son

I noticed on the NC Barbecue Trail that Jack Cobb & Son Barbecue Place in Farmville was added, while Wilson's Parkers & Bill Ellis were removed! I'd love to hear anyone's take on Cobb. I haven't tried it yet, but will definitely be making a stop next time I'm in the area. There have only been two previous threads on Chowhound with a mention of this joint.

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  1. I plan to try this barbecue Friday assuming they're open. Anyone tried it yet? I'll post my impressions sometime this weekend. Here's the website:

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      Cobb's open Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

      Don't forget B's in Greenville, GREAT BBQ chicken & BBQ. Beware on most day's especially Friday & Saturday they usually run out by 1 pm!

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        So I tried Cobb's Friday night around 6 PM. I thought it was good (not great) barbecue. I had earlier on my trip stopped for Allen & Son in Chapel Hill for a fantastic sandwich.

        Cobb's is definitely a joint! It reminded me a little bit of the Skylight Inn, except there wasn't a place to sit in Cobb's. The barbecue itself was extremely clean - too clean in my opinion since the fat will carry the flavor. Despite there being a nice wood pile out back, there was little to no smoke flavor like you get at Allen & Son or even Skylight Inn. The slaw was very sweet and reminded me somewhat of the slaw at Parker's with its mustard color.

        If I lived in Farmville, I'd definitely be eating at Cobb's. But with so many good choices nearby (like B's as NXS mentioned or Skylight Inn), it's not a joint I will likely be traveling to for barbecue.

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          I went this afternoon,,,agree I like the place and its atmosphere,,,but too sparse inside,,anyway the turkey Q sandwich was ok but not even as good as the smithfield chain,,,did get a sweet potato tart for a buck and that was well worth it,,dont live real close so wont be running by,,wonder how their collards are>>>>

      2. I live close by, but I'd somehow overlooked Cobb's until a few days ago. I liked it a lot. Adding a little bit of sauce gets the bbq just right for my tastes, and the slaw and hushpuppies are superb; enough to make me prefer it over B's.

        As an aside, the removal of Parker's and Bill Ellis is completely justified.