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Sep 1, 2008 08:28 AM

Franny's Clam Pizza

Last night I went to Franny's for the first time and ordered the clams chili's and parsley pizza. I will preface by saying that I am a salt lover, and put salt on everything. Upon the first bite I found this pizza to be inedibly salty. When I told the waitress, she said, "oh that's the salt from the brine that the clams are in. Salt freaks love it." Seriously, it was way too much salt. The pizza was ruined. I wasn't hungry enough to ask for a new one, but found the waitresses response frustrating. Has anyone else had an overly salty experience at Franny's with the clam pizza or was it just an off night?

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  1. Sounds like an off night to me. I've never found it to be particularly salty. Sorry to hear about it, though.

    1. I was there for dinner last night and had the clam pie. It was just about perfect (although I'm still waiting for the Pepe's of New Haven Clam Pie experience)and,to my mind, properly salty--nothing over the top or different from the other times I've had the clam pie there. Maybe someone in the kitchen forget to tighten the top of the salt shaker.

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        i also recently tried the clam pizza at franny's. i love salt but was really struck by its saltiness myself. i actually mused about how i would steer my mother (a big franny's fan) away from the clam pie on her next visit because she might find such serious salt unpalatable.

        1. re: oystersallday

          As long as there exists a Pepe's clam pie I don't need to worry about trying (and being disappointed with) this Franny's clam thing. Glad for the warning.
          btw---Pepe's is opening a place in Yonkers (Central Ave.)---scheduled for a spring opening---so it will soon be more accessible than ever. Of course no guarantee that will be up to par but they do a good job in Fairfield so there's hope.

      2. I tasted Franny's clams once, and I too found her pie salty and inedible and overpriced. During the meal, the waitress asked us, seemingly rhetorically, "Is everything fantastic?" Not really.

        Seemed to me like they were trying to appeal (and to gouge) people who like to be congratulated on their own good taste.