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Sep 1, 2008 08:22 AM

Via Tribunali QA (Sea)

So after a year I make it to Via Tribunali on Queen Anne. It was a Monday night at 5:30, We (my wife and I) walk in, and the place is pretty empty. We sit in one of the booths (after decining an offer to sit upstairs - which seemed odd I would think they would want to at least make the main floor look populated before filling the balcony).

We order two glasses of Ruffino, and two pies. Wine comes in jelly gasses, which is appropriate, then our two pies come quickly thereafter.

I have had wood fired pizza from the old Cucina Cucina that I have liked more -heck - I've had better frozen pizza !!!!

I was expecting a hot, crispy crusted delight - instead we got a warm, wet, soggy bottomed mess. The fresh mozzerella must have had a high water content because the pie was way to moist. there was hardly any carmalization, and no dark brown spots on the crust. It was pizza, and it wasn't uncooked, just cooked badly, so I didn't feel that I should send it back, it just wasn't what I expected.

All in all - not worth the 45 bucks we spent

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  1. I had an amazing experience there recently. Once we were seated a wait person brought us menus and another woman, brought water. She missed the first glass and poured the water onto the table, the menu and into the lap of one of my guests. When my guest made to mop up the water with our one small napkin she says 'oh, I'll bring you a new menu'. Nothing about the glass of water in his lap or bringing some napkins or a rag. We were glad the wine came to the table in a bottle for us to pour ourselves...

    Then - and this is my favorite part - they brought us our pies - and we were sharing three between the four of us - and I said "excuse me they are not cut, could have them cut for us please" and she "oh, yes, we don't cut them in the kitchen anymore, we have scissors so you can cut them yourself". Me: "okay, can we have scissors?". Her: "We're all out at the moment". Me: "Well, could you bring us a knife or take the pies back to the kitchen to be cut?" Her: "I'll try to find some scissors for you but i don't think there are any around" - And she disappeared!!! Luckily my guests were entertained rather than distressed about the whole thing. We ended up tearing the pizza into bits :).

    I won't be back soon.

    On a happy note - I had a great fig, goat cheese and prosciutto pizza at Tutta Bella the other night. To go, because there were about 100 too many kids in there :)

    1. Maybe there's a problem with the Queen Anne location; I've never had anything less than a superb pie at the Capitol Hill location.

      1. Is the menu at V.T. still in Italian? I visited the Capitol Hill location not long after it first opened and couldn't read a darn thing on the menu. I don't speak/read Italian. I had to wait 10 minutes for the waitress to come by to take our order, then had to memorize the options as she translated the menu item by item. That was a very frustrating experience - so much so I've never returned. I hope to hear it has changed.

        1. I have never eaten here, and think I most likely never will - which is a shame - all thanks to one rather rude hostess on the phone.... I called asking if they were cool with kids, her reply was " we absolutely love kids, but we don't have high chairs, or booster seats. The space is really tight too, so it might not be best" - but really snotty.

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            don't give up - they are great with kids. (mine are beyond high chair age, but we go there frequently). the cap hill location doesnt' seem as eager, but QA is packed with families until about 7 or 8 when the hipsters arrive. our biggest trouble is deciding between the divine tiramisu or the nutella pizza for dessert!