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Sep 1, 2008 08:13 AM

Best Italian Sausage?

A regular Summer activity for my family is to purchase fresh Italian sausage and cook it on the grill. It's eaten on as a sandwichon fresh Italian rolls with butter, lettuce, cucumber, onion and a simple dressing of mayo, cider vinegar, olive oil, and water.

Right now the best sausage we've found is at Borrelli's in Methuen. My favorite is the tomato and cheese, though we also like the sweet and hot varieties. It tastes like sausage my grandfather used to make, and is chock full of sharp provolone and high-quality pork.

Second in my book is Gene's in Milford. It's different and they don't have tomato and cheese (seems to be a Lawrence/Methuen area specialty) but Gene's seems extra meaty and toothsome, and has great flavor. It also shrinks less than other sausage I've bought - possibly lower in fat content?

So where do you get great sausage? How do you serve it?

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  1. I like Borrelli's tomato and cheese as well as thier sweet and hot italian sausage but I been going to Fowle's Market in Newburyport lately for their tomato & cheese, and other sausages. I'm not sue if one is better than the other but they are both excellent.

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      Hail Hail to Borellis T&C sausages! Props to you again for pointing me to them infomaniac.

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        speaking of tomato and cheese - how about Thwaits Market in Methuen -
        I grew up on them for breakfast with eggs (Lawrence-bred) - they also make some decent kielbasa and pork pies as well.

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          Good call, I think I'll try them out...I love their pork pies and my daughter has been asking for kielbasa lately. I haven't been to Thwaits since this past winter. I love having their pork pies available in my freezer. My daughter loves to grill slices of kielbasa and squeeze lemon on the slices when thier done. It's not bad.

      2. DePasquale's in Newton - in summer, on rolls w/grilled onions and peppers. In other seasons, in sauce w/pasta or in lasagna. I also use it in my Thanksgiving sausage stuffing (if you call ahead, they'll do a bulk order for you).

        1. depasquales is at 325 watertown street (rt. 16) in the nonantum section of newton. often when you go maria will be making them, cant get fresher than that. they also have multiple italian items (canned tomaotes, pancetta, sopressata, frozen ravioli, pasta) they are closed sunday and monday and dont stay open real late on saturday, you may want to call 617-244-7633. worth the trouble.

          1. If you are going through Manchester NH or want to have it shipped - you will love Sausage Heaven!!

            email me about covington:

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              For a true Italian sausage you cant beat Bianco and Sons sausage
              in Revere..they do retail and wholesale you wont find a juicier more flavorful sausage.they make several varieties I think the best is the garlic, cheese and broccoli rabe

              1. re: jvish

                I really like Bianco's, too. I've only had the hot. Wilson Farms in Lexington sells both hot and mild. I do have a hard time deciding whether I prefer Bianco's or DePascuale's, so I just get whatever is more convenient. Both are great. Last night I was really pressed for time and grabbed some hot pork Italians from Whole Foods in Fresh Pond. They were on sale at 40% off. Someone must have dumped the entire can of paprika into the batch, though. That was all you could taste, and everything I cooked them with turned orange. It was more like a poor chorizo than an Italian. Lesson learned. Wait for the good sausages to satisfy a craving.

                That garlic, cheese and broccoli rabe might just be worth taking a trip to Revere for, though. Jvish, do you know of any other retail places that sell them outside of Revere, since I'm almost never in that area?

                By the way, Sessa's in Davis Square makes a really good sausage, too.

                1. re: bear

                  Bianco's is the only sausages I buy. I went to Bianco's in Revere Saturday morning and picked up a 5lb box of sweet sausages ($12). You can also find Bianco's at McKinnon's in Everett and at Rosebud Farms in Malden. I also saw them once at Stop&Shop in Somerville but I'm not sure if they still sell them.

                  1. re: buffet king

                    Fresh Cheese also offers Bianco's and I have bought the 5lb boxes at a huge discount from time to time. However, while there you have to buy some from Sulmona also. I did always enjoy Sessa's, particularly the hot, and never complained about anything from their deli counter (the bread and a lot of packaged goods can be old), but the last few times I have bought them its been a less than fresh product. Dom's is also worth being on the list, although just don't buy their lunch sausage and peppers unless its off the grill outside -- its overcooked in the sauce. Overall a bit more pricey and their steak tip prices seem off the chart recently ($9.99/lb?).

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                      Bianco's in Revere also sells garlic & provolone sausages and broccoli rabe sausages. The garlic & provolone sausages are very good. I didn't care for the broccoli rabe sausages. They were a little dry.

                    2. re: bear

                      We just had some sweet Bianco's from Wilson Farms and we have no trouble deciding which we prefer- De Pasquale's is superior. We didn't like Bianco'ss texture - very fine grind with several chips of bone. The seasoning was good but not as good as Maria's.

                2. Don't laugh but DiLuigi's makes an EXCELLENT broccoli rabe and cheese sausage.. I buy them in bulk at BJ's because when you cook, grill or smoke them, a dozen just won't be enough after the crowd gets the first bite. I grew up in a Sicilian family and I take my sausage very seriously...this stuff is good.