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Sep 1, 2008 07:50 AM

Street food, cheap meals in Milan?

Greetings! I'm going to be in Milan for about four days next week (with a possible escape to Lake Como) and I'm on a tight budget, thanks to the dollar and my sudden lack of a job. Can anyone tell me where to go for good but very inexpensive food? My husband will be at a conference and I will be mostly on my own.
On our last trip to Italy, in May, we discovered that eating gelato three times a day helped stave off hunger pangs between the takeaway sandwiches for lunch and sharing a pizza and carafe of water for dinner. (I can't drink wine, sadly.) On this trip, I'd love to go beyond that (although I see no reason to skimp on my 3x-a-day-gelato habit). I'm perfectly happy with simple stuff like pasta, soup, and pizza. If anyone knows where one can SIT DOWN to have something very cheap but tasty in Milan, I'll be very grateful. Thanks!

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  1. A very fresh news as I came back from Milan three hours ago.
    I went because of my job and my lunch was at Osteria del Treno at Via San Gregorio, close enough to the railway station but not very close, meaning not a bad location as it is closer to the nice and not bad Piazza della Repubblica rather than the Stazione Centrale.
    One first course, sedanini con verdure and fonduta and one second course, lonza tonnata, with one glass of very good red wine, the bill was 14 euro.
    At dinner, it becomes less casual and the offering become wider.
    A smart place, in my opinion.
    If you're interested particularly to the street food, you should not that during the last week-end of September in Cesena, in Romagna (where I live) there is the Street Food Festival and it is the amazing and lovely moment to taste all the best not only from Italy but from the whole world.

    1. There is a sit-down place in Milan (not far from the Duomo--the main one, that is) that I still crave to this day: their pizzas are from heaven! The crust is paper-thin but actually flavourful--just don't expect a horde of toppings the way we're used to in North America, and meat toppings don't seem to be the norm in Italy from what I could tell...I believe the place is called DA NOI 2, and the address on their card reads: via G. BORSI (cross street? ALZAIA NAVIGLIO PAVESE). It's right by a canal crossing in the varsity area. Their pizzas are h-u-g-e (they hang over the plate) but not as overwhelming as they look as they are so thin but VERY satisfying and run about 10euros or less. The service can be hot or cold--on one UN-busy night we were made to wait about 30 mins to get a table when there were at least ten tables clean open.
      Pizza shops that sell by the weight tend to have a lot of toppings and run VERY cheap and allow you a chance to try the many different kinds. I can't say I came across any in Milan but I'm sure they have, and the ones I'd had in Florence & Vatican City were SOOO good.
      There is also Delicatessan (same street as THE Duomo) where they sell gelato from the front window and it's a great place for breakfast or snack. Food is all very fresh and tasty. We used to get our morning meals there. If it's not that particular chain, any place that resembles a deli that is clean and on a major road is bound to be good!
      I'm so jealous~ I hope you have a great time in Milan--it's such a great place! Enjoy!