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Sep 1, 2008 07:00 AM

Dufflet cakes at Loblaws (Yonge/YMills)

Was in the neighbourhood and popped into this Loblaws location (on Yonge, south of York Mills). It has changed since I was there last - a lot more upscale. You can't buy regular bread anymore and everything is packaged separately (much like in a Chinese bakery) in clear cellophane type packaging (buns, muffins, danishes - all wrapped separately). Only high end bread available such as Ace.

Nice selection of Dufflet cakes (not sure if the packaging is new or has always been like that). ISO a hazelnut cake (see my separate post), I picked up a hazelnut cakelet. It was the perfect size for two people. It was fresh and moist, bit too sweet for my taste (I find my taste buds finding everything too sweet; it must be the decrease of sugar in my diet, but I can't resist cake). There were layers of chocolate and hazelnut sponge cake with a hazelnut mousse filling. All covered in what I think was vanilla buttercream (very sweet) and dark chocolate ganache. I would have liked if they eliminated the vanilla butter cream layer).

Here are some pictures.

The cakelets are all $12.99. They also have the small round cakes; however, I didn't get a look at the prices.

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  1. i tried the carmelita cakelet and found it perfectly moist. I usually like lighter icing but found this one not too sweet.
    What other flavours should I try besides hazelnut if I don't like cakes too sweet? thanks.

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    1. re: caitlink

      Hi Caitlink, if you're looking for a light, airy, mousse type cake, may I suggest a cake from a Chinese bakery (all their cakes are like that). Another Chinese bakery that is a bit more upscale with the same kind of cake is Cafe Maxim on Finch Avenue, just west of Leslie. I've attached pictures of a recent hazelnut from there. If you like hazelnut, you would defintitely like the cake from that place. I have a post about it if you type "ISO hazelenut cake."

      As for Dufflet, as BokChoi said, they're all pretty sweet, imo. I don't know about the other cakes. There are some LaRocca cakes that Loblaws sells (but not this location) and they're not as sweet.

      1. re: red dragon

        Yes, thanks. I love the almond meringue, mango meringue and chestnut cakes from Maxim. Based on your recommendation, I think I will try Dufflet hazelnut next. I like Maxim cakes but I find Dufflet cakes to be very 'fresh' and moist.

    2. red_dragon

      Dufflet cakes are my regular dining companions' favourite cakes. I think they are not bad, and do enjoy a small cake once in a while. The hazelnut one is my favourite of the bunch so far. It is less sweet than the caramelita, caitlink, but it is still quite sweet. I think most Dufflet cakes are going to be quite sweet compared to other bakeries, as they are more commercialized cakes. But maybe someone has another suggestion! I have tried maybe 6 of them and find them all within the same sweetness range (with caramelita near the top for the sweetness range).

      red_dragon, did you see the 'Parisian-style' bakery offerings while you were there? They had some cakes (at $29.99) and some smaller tarts ($2.99). I tried their smaller tarts just to get an idea if I liked their product before investing in the larger cakes. I would have to say the tarts were not bad at all. I enjoyed the seed/nut tart - it reminded me a bit of a very thin butter tart with crunchy nuts/seeds on top. Not too shabby for a grocery store brand. I also tried the pear tart. Not bad either, but not as good as the nut/seed one.

      Took a photo of what I tried:


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      1. re: BokChoi

        Yes, I did see the Parisian style cakes and tarts. I was looking for a long time I haven't tried any yet, only the hazelnut cakelet for now, but I'll definitely go back to try the other cakelet flavours, as the size is just right for me and hubby.

      2. Hi red_dragon -- that's my local Loblaws, and despite appearances, you can get regular bread there, but they've moved it all into one of the aisles. I was rather lost after they reconfigured the store and just wanted to buy some PC hamburger buns! I do love that they offer a couple of different brands of San Marzano tomatoes.

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          Hi TorontoJo,
          My mistake, I shouldn't have assumed there wasn't any regular bread (and I can't edit my post above to indicate there is). I did a quick walk through and stopped halfway, thinking, there mustn't be any regular bread. Good to know that they still carry that, but it would probably be a good idea to keep them all together, imo.

          I saw those tomatoes and was so excited, especailly since most of the Food TV shows recommend San Marzano tomatoes! I must make a trip back . I live in the east end, but do go to Smith's Pharmacy quite often and always shop at Loblaws while I'm there. I'm thrilled to see Dufflet cakes there as well.