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Stonewall Kitchen specialty foods...

In our recent travels to Maine and down the East Coast we have found Stonewall Kitchen stores selling their condiments and sauces...They're out of York, Maine. I am also finding their line in gourmet stores in the New York area as well. Anyone tried their products? Are they good...what do you recommend?

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  1. Being beguiled by their catalog, I once purchased their pancake mix, which was for sale in our local Food Emporium. I had to throw it out. It had a nasty, chemical aroma and odd sweet malt taste. Once was enough...

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      We sell a lot of their things in the shop. I do like the Sour Cherry preserves. We do have the pancake mix on the shelf and it does sell. We also have Carbon's Golden Malted waffle and pancake mix at half the price and it is very very good.

    2. Their products are pretty widely available here in the Boston area. I find most of their stuff to be quite good, and some is really outstanding - the roasted garlic onion jam is particularly popular at our house.

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        That is my favorite too! It is very versatile.

      2. I purchased a lemon dill sauce which was terrible. Just threw it away last week. Also had a very heavy chemical taste, and I would guarantee the 'lemons' used were not real lemons.

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          Yes, that's what the pancake mix had too -- a heavy chemical taste. Nothing about it tasted real.

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            i've only tried a few of the products, but i'm not a fan. the preserves are too sweet. and though i've never eaten the pancakes, my mother once opened a canister of the mix when i was standing next to her, and when i got a whiff of it there were very strong chemical and artificial sweet-ish malt odors. no thanks.

            however, some of the other products mentioned in this thread - like the roasted garlic mustard & the wasabi horseradish spread- sound appealing...

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              I really don't understand the "chemical smell" problem folks seem to have with the pancake mix. I've used this product for years and love it, never noticing any type of "chemical smell" or taste. Now it does smell and taste of malt, which not everyone will like, but I've never noticed any chemical smells or tastes. Actually my pancake hating wife (who never met a pancake she ever liked) will ONLY eat these pancakes (and my brother's home made blueberry pancakes). I do like their non-sweetened fruit spreads (only the blueberry jam isn't too sweet for me), and I've tried a few of the ice cream sauces, preferring the coffe caramel (or something close to that).

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                i don't know - it could be one of those things where only certain people can pick up on it. i noticed it right away, but my mom looked at me like i was nuts. you know how certain people are "Super tasters" and their taste buds are more sensitive to certain flavor compounds? i've always described myself as a "Super smeller" - i have the nose of a bloodhound. maybe it's something most people can't smell...?

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                  Could be, or maybe it's the malt that people are perceiving as a chemical smell. I call my wife the sniffer, and she's never noticed it either. Oh well, a mystery wrapped in an enigma for sure! ;~)

        2. been enjoying the roasted garlic mustard for years!
          it's perfectly sweet roasted garlicky even good by the spoon...

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            emme, since i trust your taste i think now have to go out & try that roasted garlic mustard.

            have you ever had Rothschild Farms' Anna Mae's Smoky Mustard? it's insanely good.

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              no, is it smoky/hot? or sweet? i'll have to google it now...

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                it's not hot at all [i know you don't like spicy]. just that awesome hits-the-back-of-the-tongue tangy smokiness.

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                  must i order it online or do you know of somewhere in LA that sells it?

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                    crap, i was afraid you were gonna ask me that. i can't remember where i found it in LA. maybe Sur La Table? i'm about 99% sure i've never seen it at Surfas. a lot of places that stock Stonewall Kitchen products also carry Rothschild Farm, so you might want to ask wherever you buy your SK items.

                    i don't know where you are in LA, but they have a store locator on their site, so plug in your zip code to see if you can find anything local...


                    and if you happen to be driving down to SD any time soon, Passionfruit Gourmet on South Coast Hwy in Solana Beach carries it.

                    BTW, i looked for the roasted garlic mustard at WFM the other day - they had a gazillion SK products on the shelf, but no mustard. i did find it on the website for a local kitchen supply store so i'll pop in there one of these days & pick it up.

          2. I've never tried their mixes, but a place I used to work at we demo'd most of their condiments, so I had a chance to try quite a few. Most were delicious. The only less than favorable things I recall was that their chutney was a bit sweeter than I like. Also their steak sauce had a nice flavor, but not one I would want on steak. I remember thinking it would be very nice with pork though...

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              Their Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce is my favorite on steak and pork, but I like the roasted onion and garlic jam on roast beef too.
              I like their whole grain pancake mix, I've never noticed an odd chemical taste there.
              I also love their wild Maine blueberry preserves.

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                I love their wild Maine blueberry preserves on top of a bowl of Farina.

            2. I like their horseradish spread and wasabi horseradish spreads quite a bit, and I always have to bring home some cranberry horseradish spread for my friends- they eat it by the jarful. Just last week I discovered there's a new outlet store down the road from my vacation house! Huzzah! The sour cherry is their best jam, in my opinion. I generally skip all the sweet sauces like chocolate, dulce de leche etc.

              1. I've used their Spicy Honey Mustard on several occasions and liked it. I was very tempted to get their olive oil but for whatever reason didn't. At Blue Apron in Brooklyn they encourage you to bring back the bottle and get it refilled. I haven't tried anything else of theirs though.

                1. I've only ever had the vanilla pear butter, which was very good. It's also $9.00 a jar out here, so I learned to make my own version, and now it's my most popular holiday gift!

                  1. Sorry that I am hijacking this post. Has anyone tried Stonewall's Green Goddess Dressing? It is one of those dressings that I love but hate to make my own. I saw it in my grocery store but don't know if I should get it. Anyone?

                    1. I am absolutely addicted to SK's habanero mango hot sauce- sweet,spicy, and phenomenal with lamb or tortilla chips.

                      1. I've purchased some of their products in Western Canada; the mushroom sage sauce is absolutely delicious!

                        1. mom mom loves the no sugar added fruit preserves so much, she hides it from the little kids when they come to visit. It really is fantastic. As for the rest of the stuff: it's good as a sample, but leave it in the store.

                          1. I like their ketchup, corn relish and spicy peanut butter sauce.

                            1. This goes back about 10 years: I discovered their Roasted Garlic and Onion Jam in a small boutique in NH, and still buy it regularly. After seeing the catalog, and the owners on Martha Stewart's show, I went to an open house at their store outside of Boston. I went overboard, buying many different preserves, jams, and sauces. Most were sorely disappointing. I have a sweet tooth, but found most of the fruit spreads to be way too sweet, with not enough fruitiness. No match, for example, for Trader Joe's Raspberry Preserves. The Maple-Pear Dessert sauce tasted pear-free. The Lemon Curd was rancid - but I noticed that the jar was outdated when I got it home. The company sent a newly-dated replacement, which was still slightly rancid. I noticed that the label says it needs refrigeration (this was years ago but as I recall it was not just that it needed refrigeration after opening) yet stores don't keep it cool. A few months ago I won a gift basket containing their pancake mix and pecan syrup. I gave the mix away unopened. The syrup is - once again - overwhelmingly sweet. I'll stick with my Grade B maple.

                              1. I have only tried their preserves, but the only one we like is the sour cherry preserves.

                                1. I'm with most of the crowd on this. I tasted their Onion and Garlic Jam a long, long time ago when we had house in York, ME and they were 2 guys. I was sold! Love it on a variety of things. Liked their blueberry preserves. I also liked their farmhouse chutney when they came out with it, but i think it is now gone. Tasted many of the other things since then, but so far nothing else seems to come up to that level. Maybe a case of trying to get too big too fast.

                                  1. Their jams are great - the fig & ginger is good, and the lemon-pear marmalade is great on scones or as a glaze for poultry. I'm a sucker for mustard, so I *love* the little mini jars they sell - roasted garlic, Maine maple champagne, bourbon molasses mustard. Not wild about their grilling sauces/marinades, mostly because I'd rather make my own. Pretzel dips are pretty good; mostly put out for a party or football gathering.

                                    1. I made steamed brown bread with their recipe that uses their Fig and Raisin Chutney last week. The recipe is at their website. It was very good and moist. I steamed it in a pyrex bowl tightly covered with foil. I will make it again.

                                      1. I LOVE their country ketchup. Tastes more like a dipping sauce than ketchup. I just don't know where in the Boston/Meffa area to find it... My trips to Portland are less frequent than the number of times I am eating the ketchup so it seems like I am always out of it.... bummer!

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                                          Agree, the ketchup is special. I don't like most ketchups but SW's is spicy and very tomatoey!
                                          Also agree, hard to find.

                                        2. LOVE all the mustards but especially the bourbon molasses mustard- on pretzels. yum