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Sep 1, 2008 05:44 AM

Indian Food in the west

I am a new user of Chowhound, though have been reading it all for some time. I really enjoy the comments and have found some great places to eat from fellow Chowhounders.

I 'd like to know where there is some good & authentic Indian food in the west end, I mean Etobicoke/Miss/Brampton.
( I work out that way )

I have been to Chutney's on Bloor several times. I find it is hit n' miss . Looking for something different.
Any tips?


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  1. Tons, though most are fast food/family-style places. Great Indian vegetarian at Brar Sweets on Islington just north of Albion Rd. It's cafeteria-style, and tho clean, not really a place you'd want to hang around. Great take-out and cheap, too. They have two or three other locations in Brampton/Miss.

    1. Kwality Sweets, Torbram+Airport Rd., is worth a visit.

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      1. re: Kagemusha

        Now that Kwality has renovated and upgraded, I'm not as happy with them anymore. Haandi chicken was just average last visit. Have you noticed any changes in quality?

        1. re: Food Tourist

          Despite loving the reno+big screen LCDs blaring wonderfully bizarre music videos, I find some of the food has slipped into inconsistency rather than absolute decline. Weekday food is quite nice but I've noticed Sunday fare can look--and sometimes taste--a bit "leftover-ish." On balance, still worth visiting for value and quick service.

          1. re: Kagemusha

            Gave Kwality another shot - I only go on weeknights after work. You must avoid the boring mutter paneer. However, the karahi goat ($9.50) and gobi paratha ($3) are quite tasty.

      2. Froglegs, the Tues to Fri buffet at Exotic Indian Cuisine is excellent all around and gotten busier as more recently discovered. Very roomy with the recent renovation for space as it did still look new previously. Husband & wife operation with Kishor having been a a cook in Little India for years, and for dessert, you can try his own in house made Indian ice creams! On Albion Rd. 1 light west of 27, Industrial type unit on North side.

        1. I've meaning to check out two Indian restaurants in Mississauga that I've heard good things about. The Host is in a building adjacent to Square One and Bombay Bhel is in a small strip mall at Hurontario and Eglinton. Unfortunately, I can't comment from personal experience but both came highly recommended to me.

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          1. re: Deborah B

            I've always enjoyed the Host..they have one downtown Toronto as well..they have a buffet, but I've only ordered take out and done large events there. One of my favorite Indian places..
            Also very good and highly recommended by many in the Indian community is Nirvana on Brunel (just south of the 401 off Hurontario)

          2. Tandoori Time on Burhamthorpe, w. of Mavis isn't bad, either.

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            1. re: Kagemusha

              Kagemusha, yes and a great location on Albion Rd. between Martingrove and Hwy. 27 to expand on my posting of lunch buffet at Exotic Indian Cuisine!!! At Tandoori Time at lunch, order Thali and decide between choice of rice or naan on the wonderful plate!!!

              1. re: Jar

                Thanks to everyone.
                I think I will try Tandoori Time and Exotic Cuisine. Let u know.
                Btw, I've been to Bombay Bhel at Eg./Hwy10.
                It is good. I haven't been in a long time, so thanks for reminding me. Worth another visit.

                1. re: froglegs

                  Froglegs, hope you do find both very enjoyable. At Tandoori Time, within the restaurant, there is a huge window that allows you to watch the placement of Kebabs or Naan into the LARGE Tandoor oven, even if you get the further away booth, you can go up and have a look for a few minutes. At Exotic, I do hope you enjoy, dishes do vary a little and some wonderful ones you never see again, there are my favourites from veg to meat which are somewhat regular, always very good!