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Sep 1, 2008 02:29 AM

What and where is your favorite Ethnic breakfast place?

The subject header pretty much says it all, but please do not include dim sum options. :) I'm open to any type of cuisine and anywhere in Los Angeles County.


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  1. Abby, you may not have caught this piece in the LA Times by C Thi Nguyen (I linked it on the Food Media board). This should be a bookmarked story for anyone looking at ethnic breakfast ideas in the LA area:

    1. Not really "ethnic" but my favorite breakfast place with an Asian flair is Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe on Washington. The Original Royale is an Asian open face omlette: a bed of rice (your choice of steamed white or fried) with char siu pork, portugese sausage, egg, green onion and sprouts; include your choice of toast for about $6. They do good and inexpensive other more American dishes too but the "royale" is their specialty, imho.

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        Here's the info, and note it's on Washington Blvd., not Washington Place.

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            Thanks Servorg, seem to be having technical difficulties over here.

            Pictures, descriptions and prices of the Royales are on Page 2 of the menu.

            I repeat, it's a Hawaiian cafe so I realize only quasi- ethnic (always so afraid of posting something and then being lambasted for saying something stupid.)

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          Oh, have to get it with the fried rice. This is comfort food so right up my alley. Big mess of rice, eggs, meats and veggies all fried together. I don't get it with it as a open faced omellete, just all mixed up.

          1. Monte Alban in West LA for their Oaxacan breakfast.