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Friut and Vegie Info

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Hello i am trying to find some info online
on fruit and vegetables including
nutritinal value
when they are in season
how to pick the best fruit and vegetables

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  1. http://www.choice.com.au/viewArticle....

    the above has good information on fruit seasons and how to select good fruit - you can down load the original report from there as well. It also has a link to farmers markets near you - always a good way to ensure fresh produce.
    Nutritional values is harder to find - there are plenty of sites out there but it's hard to know whether the source is trustworthy.

    1. lots of links, recipes and articles, as well as infor on Farmers Markets, here:


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        PG as much as I love ya, there's little to find on solemama that fulfils the OP's requirements.

        I'd suggest checking out some of the market authorities.
        Sydney - seasonal produce guide http://www.sydneymarkets.com.au/produ...
        Melbourne - http://www.marketfresh.com.au/main_me...

        also for australia check out cuisine.com.au which has an archive of Steve Manfredi's seasonal produce

        And Gourmet traveller online (gourmettraveller.com.au) also does a seasonal thing usuall written by hunky Hugh Wennerbom (not my words)