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Upscale, sparkly-metallic, jewel-toned M and M Premiums?

Saw these at Target today

At $3.99 for 6 oz, before making a commitment, I thought I'd ask what people thought and which was the best (if any) flavor of the five - mint chocolate, mocha, triple chocolate, raspberry almond and chocolate almond

This blog liked the mint a lot ...

"the center is white chocolate (and it’s real white chocolate with actual cocoa butter) and then a thinner dark chocolate coating ...They’re fresh tasting, smooth and really enjoyable".

The triple chocolate (dark, white, milk) were also favorably reviewed. Not so much the others.

According to this article, M & M is trying to have fun with these and the ads will parody typical premium chocolate ads,

Which is good to know after reading the M&M site. Though some of the copy may not be what was intended. M & M is using a different recipe for these and no shell, so they will melt in your hand probably glitter-like.

The copy for the chocolate almond reads 'Each blue-hued gem contains a whole, freshly roasted almond wrapped in pure milk chocolate made from real cacao."

Well, it just made me think what the heck is in regular M & M's if not real cacao.

Then there is the raspberry text ..."Take a package along to enliven your afternoon pedicure".

Probably an unfortunate thing to say as the candy blog says of them "They smell like lipgloss and look like fake fingernails"

This blog didn't like them at all

This blog agreed with the other ... the mint was the best followed by the triple chocolate ... skip the raspberry.

"Opening this bag gave me an immediate mint high ... and they taste wonderful ... The whole piece is creamy, smooth, minty, sensibly sweet, and good. It’s like elaborately decorated Andes, with a firmer texture. I think I’m in love.

"Raspberry Almond: I’m least impressed by these ... The nuts taste fresh, and the chocolate is of good quality. They’ve used a raspberry flavor that doesn’t taste like cheap candy, but it just feels… intrusive."

Which is about what the other blog said, the chocolate was good, but the raspberry flavor ruined it.

So, any comments? I might give the mint a try unless someone disagrees with the blog or has a different favorite.

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  1. $3.99 for SIX ounces? I love it.

    P.T. Barnum was so very right.

    But they still taste like M&M's, right?

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    1. re: dolores

      But they still taste like M&M's, right?

      Nope. Differeny chocolate recipe. No shell

      1. I had a triple chocolate one, I think, and honestly while I could tell it was better than the usual, the whole eating-shiny-chocolate thing creeped me out. It's...a craft project? Alien food? Ahhh!

        1. i've had the triple chocolate one... what a WASTE of MONEY! so so so not worth the money. they weren't any less waxy tasting than the regular ones or really much different despite three chocolates...

          1. I'd not heard of these but am going to keep an eye out for the mint variety as I generally enjoy anything mint. I don't think $3.99 is too terrible a price either. There's a mint bar I pay $5 for when I can get my hands on it so if these taste good they'l be a cheaper occasional replacement.