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Aug 31, 2008 10:17 PM

Breakfast in SEA

We will be staying aboard the boat in Bell Harbor marina downtown and are looking for recomendations for breakfast within walking distance of the marina after a night of semi-professional drinking. Any thing out there?

TIA, Dave

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  1. Unfortunately, Flying Apron moved to Fremont, but you could pick something up there the afternoon before....

    1. With a little research, you can find an elevator route up all those hills to the Pike Place market, where you will find Cafe Campagne.

      1. tons of places at Pike Place Market. Find your way there and choose! Anything from street eats to sit down restaurants.

        1. CJ's
          2619 1ST Ave
          Good solid breakfast to soak up any remaining booze

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          1. re: amyh18

            Thanks Amy, CJ's looks like it will fit the bill.....


            1. re: dcatwater

              CJ's is nothing more than a greasy spoon whose food is probably a notch or two below the average greasy spoon in any city. There is nothing distinctly "Seattle" about eating at CJ's. You've been warned.

              I live 1 block from where your boat will be docked. My favorite weekend brunch places are Macrina, Cafe Campagne (Oeufs en meurette), Etta's (corned beef hash or dungeonous crab benedict), and the breakfast sandwich from I Love NY Deli. Your choices become more limited if you are looking at weekday breakfast.

          2. Etta's- for brunch (on the weekends)... Le Pichet...