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Aug 31, 2008 08:46 PM

Best Soft Pretzels in Boston Area?

Where would you go to get the best hand crafted soft pretzel in the Boston area.

I'm not talking about the phony "pastry pretzels" at Aunt Annies, nor the frozen ones baked by hanging them on the pretzel tree with the sun lamp at the snack shop at Target or Walmart.

I'm looking for the old fashion hand twisted soft pretzels similar to the German Bretzen.Typically boiled in water with baking soda and then baked with coarse salt.

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  1. The bucket of pretzels at Jacob Wirth is one of the few really tasty things on their entire menu. I'll also give a plug to the soft pretzels and beer cheese at Deep Ellum. Actually, Allstonian and I went there on Friday, and I was surprised at how much better the food was than it had been for a while there.

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    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

      Deep Ellum changed their pretzel supplier this week. Crispier crust and not as moist inside. Not sure I approve of the change (regardless of the price increase).

      1. re: yarm

        Thanks, good info on the change in supplier at Deep Ellum. Any idea on why the new pretzel supplier there?

        1. re: postc

          The best answer I got was that they could get them in fresh daily. Then again, we had no problem with the old ones that were frozen for freshness.

          1. re: yarm

            Thanks, yarm. I'll have to give these new ones a try.

    2. After seeing reviews on this board, I just tried the soft pretzel at the Lower Depths in Kenmore for the first time. It was baked to order and very chewy with a nice spicy mustard accompaniment. The dough was a bit more buttery than I'm used to but still good. My gold standard for soft pretzels are the ones baked by the Amish in Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. Their dough isn't quite as buttery but they will brush fresh butter on top of them if you like.

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      1. re: Velda Mae

        Having grown up down there I'm a huge Reading terminal fan (especially DiNic'spark sandwich) and know the Amish style well. They're somewhere between Auntie Annies and the classic Federal Pretzel Company. I'm looking more toward the less buttery, more German style style from Federal or Philly Pretzel Company ....Sounds like Lower Depths and bamy's ,Deep Ellum might be more of a match. Jacob Wirth is a natural.

        I taste tested the Pretzel Rolls that deglazer mentions below and I was pleasantly surprised..Been trying to decide what best to stuff it with that goes well with german mustard...maybe a bratwurst...or some lebanon bologna.

        Oktoberfest is just 2 weeks I see a "beer and soft pretzel craw" in my future.

        1. re: pondrat

          Lower Depths are definitely closer in shape to those of the Federal Pretzel Company. They're thick and the braid is tight as opposed to the Amish which are thinner and more open.

          I lived in Phila for 7 years and still pine for the Reading Terminal Market. Did you know that Tony Luke's is going into the old Rick's steaks space?

          1. re: Velda Mae

            Thanks Velda, this is EXACTLY the pretzel I'm looking for...I know there had been quite a legal battle about Ricks have Tony Lukes and DiNics in the same building is a dream..

        2. re: Velda Mae

          My gold standard is the Gettysburg Pretzel Factory. It's hard to find a good soft pretzel if you aren't at a hard pretzel factory (takes a real sweet oven).
          Of course, a real soft pretzel doesn't have butter in the dough...

        3. Have you tried Swiss Bakers ? You can get them at farmers markets and some Whole Foods. I can't comment on the pretzels since I've only tried the pretzel rolls, but I like those a lot (different thing, I realize)

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          1. re: deglazer

            The Swiss Bakers pretzels look GREAT... I'm off to the Farmers Market next week...

            1. re: deglazer

              The Swiss Bakers pretzel is very good. A little denser than many and flavorful.

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                If this is the pretzel they're selling at the pizza bar at WFM, it's quite good -- and less than $3 for a big pretzel. It gets a little overcrisp if they warm it in the oven, I find. In addition to the locations they list on the website, it has shown up at the new Somerville WFM.

                1. re: deglazer

                  I love the pretzel sticks from Swiss Bakers. One of the owners explained to me that you have to be certified to make authentic pretzels due to the use of lye (sp?)...and they are certified.

                2. Not in the Boston area, but via an excursion to Hillsborough NH, you can find Swabian-style, IIRC:


                  1. I concur with Lower Depths' pretzel. Quite often, I get it as a pre-Fenway snack (the homemade mustard is chunky and spicy - I love it). Compared to Deep Ellum, I prefer LD's. The last time I had it at Lower Depths, though, it was a bit on the REALLY brown side, and even acknowledged by the server. I think the dough had too much butter and so they cooked/burned more quickly than usual.

                    Mariposa Bakery has offered a very tasty pretzel bread for their sandwiches. I have changed jobs - a bit further afield. Do they still have it?

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                    1. re: digga

                      Was there a preferred meat/cheese that you ordered on the pretzel bread ?? I wanted to try the Swiss pretzel bread they sell at Whole Foods but have been debating what would go best with it.

                      1. re: pondrat

                        I have had every veggie combination they had on pretzel roll - the avocado sandwich was particularly good to me.