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Aug 31, 2008 07:21 PM

Carmen - Pleasant if uninspired

Haven't seen any recent reviews, so I thought I would take the initiative!

The good - The service was excellent. Our servers were friendly, attentive and never batted an eye when I told them I wouldn't be having any alcohol. The sauce on the ravioli and peach appetizer was yummy yummy. I had to use our bread to sop it up. The tuna and scallops were superb, juicy and perfectly cooked. The tuna's side dish, mashed celeriac, was tasty.

The bad - The bread and oil was so-so. The risotto that came with the scallops was not so good. It was watery, with slightly undercooked, crunchy carrots, large mealy green peas and none of the promised mint flavour. A mysterious, flavourless orange sauce surrounded the risotto. Perhaps a carrot puree?

My husband and I had a pleasant experience, but won't be hurrying back.

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  1. Quick clarification - when you say the risotto was slightly undercooked, was it because the rice grains had a tiny hard centre? If so, that's actually appropriate for risotto, as traditionally it is supposed to be al dente, not cooked through.

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        Woops - misread. thanks for the correction.