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Aug 31, 2008 06:50 PM

which nobu is best?

Hi all,

Bit of a newbie here. My wife and I are going to Manhattan in a couple of weeks, and we were thinking of going to nobu for lunch (15th Sept).

I note that there are two locations in Manhattan -- are they much of a muchness, or is one definitely preferred over the other (I tried to search for this, but didn't come up with much)?

Now, I don't even know if they have a table -- if not, where else would you recommend for a reasonably priced (c. $60/ head without drinks) lunch -- we like most cuisines we've tried.



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  1. Jean Georges blows away nobu and will be cheaper for lunch.

    1. i like the original downtown nobu.

      1. Hi trueblu,

        Not sure if there is any specific reason that you chose Nobu. The fact is that Nobu has become a chain with very average food and service. It isn't what it used to be before Chef Matsuhisa really cooked in the kitchen. You can do better with the price you will be paying there.

        Anyway, that's not the question that you asked. To compare to the two nobu, I will say the tribeca location (downtown) is better, because of the more civilized atmosphere. Food is about the same at both location. It shouldn't be too hard to get a table there as long as you reserve a table a few days beforehand.

        1. thanks for the replies...the reason that I chose Nobu is that I have never been, and really kick myself that I didn't go in the first couple of years that it opened in London.

          There are many restaurants that are still excellent many years after opening (Le Gavroche comes to mind), but admittedly, they haven't undergone global expansion like nobu has.

          If the members of the board think that it's nothing special (I'm not too bothered if it is no longer 'the place' or 'trendy' or for 'people watching' -- but I would be bothered if the food is sub-par for the price), I am v. open to suggestions as to where else to book, given that it's less than 2 weeks away..


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            The food is not sub-par for the price, it's still one of my favorite places. I would go to the original Tribeca location as 57 is more of a place to be seen. Here are 3 things you should order.

            1-Sashimi Salad-lightly seared tuna with greens with an amazing dressing...I would order extra dressing on the side.
            2-yellowtail jalapeno sashimi
            3-creamy spicy crab

            the fluke with miso chips and I almost forgot the lobster or crab tacos...very tasty.

          2. Nobu is nothing special. It's living off an old rep. and it's not worth the price.

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              I think if you stick with their signature dishes and resist the temptation to order their awful sushi, etc., the food is still "special," although a poor value.

              1. re: Yaqo Homo

                it isnt a sushi palce, that is for sure

                i've always enjoyed their omakase - you tell them the price they bring the food