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Aug 31, 2008 06:40 PM

Where to find Grant's Whiskey in San Diego North area...

My husband recently met someone overseas that only drinks Grant's whiskey (not sure which of the four though). It seems like I've looked everywhere locally but haven't found it yet. If there are any posters out there that know where I might be able to purchase, I'd be grateful. I'd like to have it within the next week or so before he gets home.


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  1. Gran'ts should be available at any premium liquor store. I don't know San Diego well, but you certainly could find it at Hi-Time Wine in Costa Mesa:

    1. Bevmo seems to carry a couple varieties of it.

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          thanks! I didn't even think to try Trader Joe's.

        2. re: Xaga

          Which Bevmo?

          The one I tried only carries the family reserve and said they couldn't order the others. That and it was in a plastic bottle! Is that normal? I still haven't been able to find the 12 year aged, sherry cask aged or ale cask aged.


        3. I have also purchased Grant's at Trader Joe's. However, you state this person "only drinks Grant's", why not try something else to broaden his horizon's a bit? There are so many great scotches, bourbons and whiskies/whiskys out there, it seems a bit of a shame to just drink one all the time.