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Aug 31, 2008 05:46 PM

cask conditioned beer/ale around bmore?

i'm familiar with baltimore's better beer bars, but i would really like to sample some traditional yeast-fermented cask beers or ales. i know they are not the usual thing, have a short life , etc, and it seems when i do luck into a place serving one i'm always showing up right after the cask has been drained. anyone know a place that has cask conditioned beers fairly often, or even better right now?


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  1. Bertha's (in Fells Point) has a cask-conditioned bitter regularly, made by Oliver's the last time I checked.

    Oliver's ales are also available at the Wharf Rat by Camden Yards (where they're brewed), and I assume also at the Wharf Rat in Fells Point.

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    1. re: Hal Laurent

      Mahaffey's in Canton typically has a rotating assortment of cask selections on the one crank he has.

      1. re: Hal Laurent

        Until they had a fire last in July, the Metropolitan in Fells Point had a firkin night every Thursday. According to the website they will be open again in October. In addition to the aforementioned places, Frisco's in Columbia has a hand engine and seems to regularly feature an Oliver's cask conditioned ales. Frisco's has a better beer selection then most places, but frankly that is about the only thing going for it.

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          Metropolitan is in Federal Hill, not Fells Point.

          1. re: JonParker

            "Metropolitan is in Federal Hill, not Fells Point."

            D'oh! too much real ale in system when I posted.

      2. Definately Mahaffey's Pub:

        also, you might wanna try Max's in Fells Point.

        1. Grand Cru in Belvedere Square has a new cask on the handpump most every Thursday.

          1. Red Brick Station up in white Marsh also periodically has casks of their beer, although I would call before going up.

            1. anyone know of similar places in DC/NOVA?

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                RFD in Chinatown usually offers one or two.