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Aug 31, 2008 05:34 PM

Any cheap food places around 72nd and Bway on Upper West Side.

Just moved to 72 and Broadway on Upper West Side, any recommendations for any dirt cheap food places (Chinese, mexican, italian, etc)? The only place I know is Papaya dog on the corner of 72 and amsterdam.

Any other recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Wok City on Amsterdam betw. 67 & 68. Take out and delivery only. The prices have gone up lately (whose haven't?) and quality varies more than it used to, but it's still pretty good food for the money--especially the special combinations that include and egg roll and fried rice.

    1. Hummus place is cheap and very good

      Hummus Place
      305 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023

      1. Finding something cheap in the neighborhood has been a struggle since I moved there. Normally I go to Fairway or head up to the ethnic takeaways in Morningside. I find them much more satisfying and reliable. More locally there's:
        Big Nick's - burgers
        Grandaisy Bakery - pizza, bread
        Dinastia China - Chinese-Latin
        The Cottage - Chinese-American
        Arte Around the Corner - coffee, sandwiches, Italian specialties
        Shake Shack - soon-to-open burger place
        There's also a Chilean pizza parlor on Amsterdam between 74th and 75th that has Chilean-style empanadas and some interesting toppings.

        1. I've always liked Caridad (Bway and 78th). Their rice isn't so great (usually really dry)but I like the beans, the sweet plaintains; DH likes the carne asada; my friend raves about the ropa vieja. Oh, and we also like the soupy rice thing (not sure what it's called).

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            soupy rice is probably ASOPAO.

          2. cafe con leche, just north of 80th on b'way, is about the same price range as caridad. if you're a fairly normal sized human, one of the substantial cubano, pernil or steak sandwiches should do you for a meal and cost you around 6 bucks. for about the same price, you can pick up mofongo, which might last you two meals.

            a large steamed roast pork bun at china fun (columbus between 71st and 72nd) is $1.75 and about as filling as a hot dog, probably.

            Cafe con Leche
            424 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024