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Aug 31, 2008 05:08 PM

Snack Shack (Mendon Drive-In); Tennessee's (Braintree); Banjo's (Weymouth)

Spent the weekend eating locally-grown, organic food this weekend (KIDDING). Actually, I started at the Snack Shack within the Mendon Drive-In Saturday night. Always a great time going there--we dined on popcorn chicken, burgers, hot dogs, tacos, fries, and ice cream while watching "Tropic Thunder" and the first 20 minutes of "The Rocker" (which was 20 minutes too much, IMO). All the food was good, with the griddled burger being the best of the lot. This isn't your typical snack bar--the food there is noted for being better than your typical drive-in grub, and I've rarely had a bad meal there.

Went to Tennessee's in South Braintree for lunch on Sunday. The North Carolina pulled pork was excellent, with a tangy, slightly sweet sauce mixed with the pork, and the macaroni and cheese was also very good, though not quite as clumpy as in the past (when the mac and cheese good is there, it's about my favorite anywhere, but it wasn't quite up to snuff this time around). Funny side note--I ordered a beer with mine, totally forgetting that we were doing takeout, so I ended up pounding it down at the counter--not my classiest move, that's for sure. ;-b

Went to the new-ish Banjo's in North Weymouth this evening. This is what may soon be part of a local chain of fast-food restaurants with a Southern twist (another one is opening in the old KFC in North Cambridge soon). We ordered a bunch of items, including a roast beef sandwich (not bad, though the bun was basic and the sauce didn't have much of a kick), a burger (griddled and very tasty), a foot-long hot dog (all beef Hebrew National on a rather substantial bun), fries (basic, but good), and onion rings (tasted like they may have been handcut--very nice). All in all, I was pretty impressed by this place, though I do want to go back and try some of their full meals, such as the slow-roasted turkey, the pig-roast pizza, and the splitter (hot dog with Carolina bean mash).

BTW, I'll be going on a food trip through the Pioneer Valley tomorrow, so it's early to bed for me tonight....

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  1. I find Banjos to be so-so. Like you said the bbq sauce has no kick and I found the roast beef too thick. I like the choices for deli sandwiches, good choice of breads and meats. It doesn't appear they are doing really well there as the parking lot tends to have plenty of spaces.

    1. Glad you liked Tennessee's. I don't think it gets much credit. It's done a fine job since Uliss left way back when. Delicious pork and brisket and an excellent cucumber salad.

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        I also think that Tennessee does a fine job with BBQ and, let's get serious, we don't have many options on the south shore anyhow. I'm glad that this is a consistent, viable, option.

        As far as Banjo's goes>>> it's terrible. There was also one in Brockton on Rt. 123 but that has since closed down. I suspect that the one in Weymouth can't be too far behind. If you want a decent roast beef sandwich, go to Brother's in Weymouth landing.

        1. re: cannedmilkandfruitypebbles

          There's a Brother's in Weymouth? Are they connected to all the Brother's on the North Shore? I love New Brother's in Danvers, but that is separate (more or less) from the other ones.

          1. re: hiddenboston

            The Brothers in Weymouth is by far the best roast beef in weymouth. Its a little ways up in the landing from Sacred Heart Church.

            1. re: mkel34

              Is this the same "Brothers" as the one in Quincy Center? I had heard some really bad things about that one, so I haven't bothered to try it.

            2. re: hiddenboston

              Yes, the Brother's in Weymouth is where Pizza by Design used to reside. The menu lists locations in Weymouth, Abington, Quincy, and Malden. I've only eaten at the Weymouth and Abington locations. Most of their food is solid. The chichen kabob wrap is very good, as is their greek salad. Their house dressing is a little different. Almost like a cross between Ranch and Greek.