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Aug 31, 2008 05:08 PM

Good Eats near 2nd City

Heading to Chicago in a couple of weeks and need recommendations near the 2nd city comedy club. It will be a Sunday night, so that may be an issue. I am fairly familar with Chicago, but have not spent much time in Old town. Our group of 4 are foodies, but we are not real big on high end fine dining. Any place we can get some quality food and a couple adult beverages will be great.

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  1. The most obvious choice is Adobo, gourmet Mexican in the same building as Second City. It's not "high end dining" by any means, but darn good upscale Mexican. First-rate guacamole mixed table-side and very decent margaritas with good tequila choices. There are other options -- French, Italian, sushi come to mind -- within walking distance, but we always wind up at Adobo.

    1. If you need to be near 2nd city:
      Salpicon. Higher end Mexican. Moreso than Adobo grill. I don't see what the fuss is myself, but there are plenty who think it's great.

      Topo Gigio. Italian. Solid. Decent.

      Kemehachi for sushi / Japanese. It's solid. Would not be my first choice in the city by a longshot, but if you need to be near 2nd city, it's a solid choice.