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Aug 31, 2008 04:50 PM

New dim sum place at McCowan and Sheppard

Sorry Guys, I forgot what it's called in Chinese, let alone know the English name, but we just tried a new dim sum place (beside the korean bbq place, I think this is the former "tak hing hot pot") and it was quite nice! They're doing $1.60 dim sum, and if you're saying that I heard about the free tea, they'll put "free" on your dim sum card too. It's one of those check-the-box dim sum, so no carts rolling around.

As I remember, it was $1.60 for small, medium and large dim sum, $2 for the special, and then there's stir fried rice, noodles, etc. at >$4. We just tried the dim sum, no rice or noodles. We liked the shrimp in long white noodles (cheung fun); it was soooooo smooth and silky, with a little bit of chewiness in them. The calamari was good too (at $2); it wasn't battered at all so you don't have to eat all the guck that comes along with it. Nice and light.

Oh, and it's the same price for the whole week, no premium prices on the weekends, so go early on the weekends (before 12pm). We got in just before 12, and afterwards, there was a big line up at the door. But they're still working out the kinks in the kitchen, so be patient.. we actually left without getting all of our order.

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  1. That place is called Best Friends in English and Hon Wong in Chinese. We tried their $1.60 dimsum on Thursday and our table of 4 adults and 1 preschool kid had 8 dimsum dishes and a vegetarian noodles (at $5.99) and our bill came to $21 (and we didn't leave hungry). They also didn't charge us extra for tea. The server said the place opened up 2 weeks ago, and like the jennjen said, the kitchen was slow and still ironing out the kinks--our dessert dimsum came (mini egg tarts and sweet green tea paste in a dough) before the savoury ones did, and they were apparently understaffed the day we went as our teapots weren't filled promptly. The ladies who brought out the dimsum were very friendly and the washroom (I used the ladies' one) was clean (since the place was new). I was at the restaurant at 12:15 pm and had a tough time finding a parking spot but at the end parked at the back of the restaurant which had plenty of parking spaces. Good quality dimsum and I would recommend it to follow CHers.

    1. Is this a promotional price? If so, when does it end?

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        Not sure whether it was a promotional price, but even in the newspapers, they advertised it at $1.60 as regular price. My mom thinks that as more and more people filter in and as they recognize how much money they could potentially make, ... then they'll raise their price! Of course, a hypothesis. We didnt ask whether it was a promo price or when it'll end ... we just sat down and ate. Try it out before it might go up .................. !

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          Silly question - but are they open for dinner as well? I know that no one has dinner dim sum - but I am generally never in the area during lunch.


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            Best Friends Chinese Seafood
            4810 Sheppard Avenue E
            Scarborough, ON M1S 4N6
            (416) 335-8836

            Had lunch at this new dim sum place today ...went around 11:45 am and there was still plenty of seating...people started arriving in droves after that. The staff was very helpful and the service was friendly and very good and most important....SO WAS THE DIM SUM!!!!!....we loved order off a menu with plenty of choices...and yes, it still is $1.60 for regular and $2.00 for their specials. We found it much tastier than Perfect's dim sum...I don't think we were charged for the tea. I forgot to ask if they served dim sum all day and evening too and also forgot to look at their regular menu.

            Perfect has dim sum at dinner time. I believe Perfect is open 24 hours a day and serves dim sum as well as their regular menu 24 hours a day.

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              LOL I will try to add photos - question, how is the MSG level at this place? I have quite a reaction to it normally, and would like to avoid ingesting large amounts of it - if it is a small amount, then I will suffer through it for good dim sum.


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                I would guess that the MSG is a little bit more than a small amount but I suppose that's what makes it extra tasty...LOL I didn't react any differently to their dim sum than I do to any other.

                I'm not really sure though...maybe they just use a different type of flavour enhancer.

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                  It's just that I have been quite spoiled - I have only had dim sum at Grand for the past 3 months, every week.... so my tolerance for MSG is probably even lower than ever.
                  MSG just scares me sometimes - keeps me up all night when it is in large amounts.

                  Thanks for your response.

      2. We tried this place over the weekend (Saturday) based on comments here.

        I'd say for the price, this place is OK. It was quite busy...we got there around noon. The ladies bringing out the food were quite friendly; there were few waiters and not of the friendly sort; not much for decor; the food was OK on average (we ordered two steamers of har came with 4 and the other had 3 but they were large and tasty; the curry squid was very large, tough and salty; the fried calamari was also very salty; the steamed meatballs had really large chunks of water chestnut and coriander stems; the shrimp cheung fun was great; they missed 2 out of 11 items ordered).

        Parking in that mall is crazy...just due to this, we probably wouldn't go back

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          I guess our experience was better than yours...we went on a weekday , before noon, Most of the staff was quite friendly. The decor leaves a lot to be desired but we don't go out for dim sum for the decor...just the food and on that day it was delicious.....they have many large tables and you may find that you have to share but we had fun with the family we were seated with...They were so surprised to see that we knew how to order by name and to see what we ate. We have been eating dim sum for 50 years...started out at Sai Woo and have tried many many places since then. LOL I can't say that this is the best place we ever ate at but it certainly was, to us, very good...maybe the food is better on a weekday when they aren't crazy busy. I can see where the parking would be difficult on a weekend in that plaza.

          We will return....probably not on a weekend though. :)

        2. Went today, they missed 3 out of the 13 dishes we ordered at first. Service was iffy, but that's to be expected at this price range for dim sum. It is damn cheap though to say the least, 3 of us walked out for $33 w/ tax/tip (4 were of the $2 variety, rest were the $1.60). At prices like these, as to be expected, I saw lots of old Chinese folk up in the place.

          Food wise? The dishes ranged from reliable to below average. The har gow and gou choi gao weren't juicy enough. Yau yu so and the tendon were the highlights for us.

          Is it worth traveling for, nope. If you're in the area and want bang for buck dim sum w/o sacrificing too much quality, then sure. Do not even attempt this place on the weekend w/ that parking lot, be forewarned.

          I got the msg thirst an hour or so afterwards. Doesn't bother me much, but for those that are hyper-sensitive to it......

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            For the parking problem... if you head towards the back, there are more parking towards the other strips of the plaza. There's more shops that are connected with the parking lots ... so, you could park further where there isnt as much cars.....