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Best Breakfast Buffet in OC

Coming in Orange County with few friends who want try some Breakfast Buffet .
Wish one is the best quality value and tasty food ?

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  1. I guess when I think buffet, I think hotels. I haven't had a great hotel buffet experience since holidays at Sutton Place (before they were bought out). Only two places I know are Dukes in Huntington Beach. Wouldn't call it best, but filling. Other is Taps in Brea, which I've been meaning to try.

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      Taps is great if you want a traditional Champagne Sunday Brunch. I'm not one for their breakfast foods, I much rather prefer their seafood and cheese selections.
      The Disney hotels do a fine traditional breakfast, if that's what you're looking for. The Storytellers Cafe at the Grand Californian is quite nice.

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        I love TAP's seafood brunch. You have a choice of endless champagne (or mimosas) or two pints of their beer on tap (Mr OCAnn loves their beers). If you love oysters on the half shell, the meal easily pays for itself (about $35 before tax & tip).

        They have the standard rib, omlette station and dessert stations...but they also have a pasta-cook-to-order station, chocolate fountain, and New Orleans cuisine. But I usually just go for the oysters....

        Best to make reservations.

        Taps Fish House & Brewery
        101 E. Imperial Hwy., Brea, CA 92821

      2. The Disney hotels do some pretty good breakfast buffets. Call the Disney Dining line (714) 781-3463 for prices and reservations. I liked the Hawaiian themed one at the Paradise Pier hotel.

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          Here's a relatively recent menu for the Lilo and Stitch breakfast. Adult price is $22 for the buffet. If I remember correctly, it includes OJ and coffee, etc, but not champagne. You can also order off the menu, and I believe they'll make most items on the menu for you if you order from the buffet. The characters are there and they'll come around to your table even if you dont' have children with you. Fun, really.


        2. Hyatt at Newport Beach or Ritz Carlton at laguna Beach

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            I'm sure the Ritz is good, but it's $80 pp.

          2. If you are coming for a Sunday brunch, may I make a suggestion that is not a buffet but a truly lovely brunch? The Five Crowns in Corona del Mar. This is a Lawry's restaurant and the food is excellent. Ask to sit in the Garden Room and make sure Tommy is pouring your champagne. It's a contest to see if you can drain your glass before he refills it!
            I've found buffets to generally be less than stellar in the quality department and that is where the Five Crowns shines. You start with assorted breads and spreads (yum Lemon Curd), choose a first course and then select an entree. I love the Tournedos of Beef
            prepared like Eggs Benedict or the Seafood Crepes. Don't pass on dessert or their special coffee. You won't be disappointed!!

            1. Taco Rosa in Newport Beach has a good Sunday Champagne Brunch.

              $14.99 all you can eat and all you can drink champagne.


              There is also a location in Irvine, but I haven't been.

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                Totally forgot about that! They made both Newport and Irvine the same Champagne style now (used to be Sangria/Mariachi band in Irvine). Excellent deal about about $20/person.

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                  Good to know about the Irvine Marketplace (Jamboree Rd) Taco Rosa location serving brunch now. I haven't been to their brunch, but highly recommend Taco Rosa menu I have had. Excellent recipes and high quality, clean, fresh. Counter service is still quite helpful at tables (at least at lunch in Newport)

                  Also, (though more pedantic than Taco Rosa) there is a good brunch at The Hacienda in Santa Ana. Beautiful patio as well as indoor tables. Free flowing champagne. So, just for the record of possibilites (since buffet brunches are harder to find these days)
                  The Hacienda
                  1725 College Ave
                  Santa Ana, CA 92706
                  (714) 558-1304
                  $18.95 for adults; $9.95 for children ages 4-12

                  See menus at http://www.tivoli-too.com/TheHacienda...

                  I would go to Taco Rosa first, and The Hacienda second, but like both.

              2. I think one of the best Sunday buffets is in Dana Point. You should check out the St. Regis Resort, Monarch Beach. While it is not cheap, it does have a beautiful selection of food.

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                  Also in Dana Point and again on the pricier side is The Chart House. I am not much of a buffet person, but their selections were wonderful and the view is beautiful as well.

                2. The Hawaiian Sunday brunch buffet at Chomp Sushi in Fullerton.

                  1. Anyone else tried brunch at the Five Crowns? It's my husband's birthday this Sunday and I was considering it. We will have our two kids with us though.

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                      Just an fyi...it is not an AYCE. But very nice.

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                        Five Crown offers menu order brunch. It is NOT a buffet as is the title of original poster.

                        That said, I love the menu at Five Crowns and would definitely recommend for brunch. Even a good place for kids because, it they get antsy, they can run around in the grassy back yard. It can get stuffy for some kids. So, dress up and have a great special birthday party. Prime beef! Champagne included.


                      2. I 2nd the brunch at St Regis hotel, Dana Point. It's the best $75 you can spend on yourself.

                        1. The best in the O.C. is Orange Hill in Orange. About 20-25 bucks. There is none better.

                          1. I have been to Orange Hill on multiple occasions. I think the food has really fallen off. The seafood items end up rubbery for sitting out too long. It is a rather large buffet though.

                            My suggestion is really tucked out of the way. Try O'Neill's Bar & Grill
                            26772 Avery Pkwy., Mission Viejo, CA, 92692; (949) 364-1881. They have a Sunday Champagne Bruch Buffet that is awesome. They nearly always have STONE CRABS (in addition to oysters, shrimp , et cet.) which is enough to make me sleep walk there.

                            The ambience is very nice too. You can dine indoors near their massive fireplace or out on their patio which is along side the golf course. They actually have a giant barrel smoker running almost constantly outside, but that's another story. You can find them on the golf course's website here - - http://www.arroyotrabuco.com/

                            OTOH, if you want to go truly high end, try the brunch at the St. Regis. It is the best bruch I have EVER been to. Last I checked it was $80/per person, but you never forget the experience. It is on a massive scale and on 2 or 3 different levels of tables too. Really spectacular - - perfect for Mother's day.


                            They are on Opentable.com if you use it.

                            1. The Sunday brunch at Salt Creek Grille in Dana Point is good for a traditional Sunday Buffet Brunch.