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Aug 31, 2008 04:34 PM

Friday fish fry in Winterport

Hi all,

Heading back up to Maine in a couple of weeks. My dad, in Green Lake, told me he had read something about a restaurant in Winterport that has a Friday night fish fry. It was written up in the Bangor paper, but he couldn't remember the name. Anyone have any idea what he was thinking about?


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  1. Not Winter Harbor? Chester Pike's Galley in Sullivan or Fisherman's Friend in Winter Harbor? Why does your father live "in" Green Lake? High cost of shore front?

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      Good one. Guess that's where I get my love for fish. Guess I should have said Durham. I spent my summers in Winterport and I know how small it was - and I know its changed a lot, still, thats why I'm surprised that something got written up. Would love to go back and actually eat there. Don't think I ever ate anywhere other than my grandmother's when she lived there.

    2. The other possibility is Just Barb's, which is in Stockton Springs, just south of Winterport. Winterport itself is pretty tiny--good winery, small B&B, and an old inn with dining room that may or may not be open (never is, whenever I've passed through).

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        Maybe he was thinking of the one in Bucksport.