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Aug 31, 2008 03:05 PM

Languedoc-Roussillon, hungry and alone

Bonjour Les Chowhounds

I'm going to be staying in the Languedoc for about 10 days from next week and wondered whether anyone could recommend restaurants in the region - specifically I'm staying first in Gabian, and then near Avene, so I think that's Herault (though I may well be wrong). I'll have a car, so I can drive anywhere, but within reason!

Thanks very much.

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  1. It depends what you're after, but we go to that area quite a lot, so here goes:

    The next village to Gabian, going south, is Roujan, and we stopped at the bar on the main street once and had a good steak frites - the traditional cheaper cut of either bavette or onglet which is really tasty.

    In Herepian, north of you, the pizzeria on the road you come in on from Gabian is very good. They serve huge portions of food - pasta, pizzas and lots of other dishes and it's good quality. It gets very busy, and is the only place where you always hear lots of English voices, but it's a good reliable place.

    Also in Herepian, the Ochre Rouge is more of a fine dining place and I really like it. It's in a small square to the right, just off the road the pizzeria is on.

    Just past Herepian, going north, in the village of Villemagne-l'Argentière, there is a restaurant in the old abbey called L'Auberge de l'Abbaye. We've not been, but it is supposed to be very good.

    In Bedarieux, it's worth going to La Forge. We've only been once, but our French neighbours there swear by it - it's a traditional menu and very good cooking. It's in Bedarieux itself, on the road heading towards Le Bosquet d'Orb.

    In Lamalou Les Bains, you should try Les Marroniers. It's fine dining, and is more expensive than other places, but it has a surprisingly good value 13 Euro menu which I think they serve in the evenings too. The food is great - his signature dish of Oxtail and pate de fois gras is amazing.

    If you want to get right into the hills, you should go to the Auberge in Combes, above Lamalou - they serve great food and have floor to ceiling windows with fantastic views across the mountains.

    If you venture towards Pezenas, then do go to Apres le Deluge - great food which is a bit different from the usual.

    It's worth going to Sete or Meze anyway, but especially for a fish dinner - but you need to be careful where you eat. Try Le Coquillou in Meze or La Palangrotte in Sete. In Sete there is also a restaurant on a canal boat - I can't remember its name, but it's a Relais Routier place, so you should be able to find it on their website. A fine dining place in Sete worth going to is La Rotonde.

    1. So how did the trip go - did you eat in any of the places I recommended and did you find any other places?