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Aug 31, 2008 02:57 PM

ceramic/kamado cookers - different makes pros/cons

I know there have been several discussions on the BGE, kamado and other ceramic cookers before, but i'm wondering if anyone has a strong opinion on one brand over another and why.

i know of primo, kamado, big green egg, and big dome (is that the right name?). I know BGE is the best seller, but that doesn't make it the best unit. Are these the best? Am i missing any options?

What brands do you or, more importantly, don't you recommend , and why?

I live in an apartment in NYC - a five story walkup apartment with a 13' x 9' balcony space.. so if that influences your opinion let me know.

many thanks

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  1. those who promote Kamodo say that they are priced better than BGE, and that they came first

    as far as model, I think size is the main determinant-just make sure you get one that's big enough, which you may have to balance with the size/sturdiness of your balcony

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      Before recommending Kamodo, please read the other thread involving this subject, paying special attention to professor salts post.