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Aug 31, 2008 02:57 PM

Rosie's Tamale House- Are you kidding me?

Went for fajita night last night. That is all I have to say.

Fine, I'll elaborate- if you are a restaurant that has been around for that long, and is then hit with competition- wouldn't you make a tiny bit of effort to compete? The decor was stark, atmosphere uncomfortable, the food was on par with a school cafeteria, AND there isn't a bar! I'm not sure you should be allowed to eat tex-mex without having the option of ordering a margarita. Surely they can afford a license by now. Oh, and the queso and tortillas were just gross.

Anyway, we went because I had heard about it for so long and finally broke down.

I couldn't stop waiting for Gorden Ramsey to walk through the door.

You've been warned.

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  1. <You've been warned.> You've got to be kidding, Christine. Well, back to Brooklyn (and Vaya con Dios!)

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    1. re: AustinJohn

      My years in NYC only expanded my ability to judge quality-- I'm a Daughter of Texas, darn it.

      Look, the flavor of the beef and onions were ok, but they clearly aren't trying. Stale chips? Ballpark queso (out of a can)? I think not.

      If you're arguement of my pereception of the restaurant is in question due to my history you are way off.

      I do love me some Buster's, however.

      1. re: ChristineR

        Actually, there is a strange charm about places like that--also with El Patio (crackers with salsa!), Jamie's Spanish Village on Red River and El Gallo on South Congress. For some people, like my friend who is a painting contractor good old boy from Ft. Worth, this kind of place is the pinnacle of "real Mexican food." OTOH, he's good to take along to a place that's serving rather ordinary texmex fare at insane high prices, for exclaiming so loud that everyone looks at our table "$20 for Mexican food?!" (that place is now closed)

        1. re: taliesin15

          strange, yes, charm - it is eluding me, personally. Was appalled at Rosie's, Jaime's, El Gallo, and if digging that defines a real texan, color me coastal. Not gulf coastal, just, eh, you get it.

          1. re: televiking

            I'm with Christine on this one. I tried Rosie's for dinner once and won't be returning. For a place that is billed as a tamale house the tamales are...ordinary.

            I admit I do enjoy the breakfast tacos although I think they use what tastes like American cheese on the migas. It works.

    2. For folks looking for "Tamale House", this is universally known to be the famous (and completely unrelated) Tamale House #3 on Airport.

      Rosie's Tamale House shares a similar moniker and not much else. And literally no one I know likes Rosie's. The place is a waste of space.

      I will point out that just because a place has "Tamale House" in the name doesn't mean that they even need to serve tamales, though. Tamale House doesn't -- just cheap, tasty food (and semi-leathery store bought tortillas).

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      1. re: tom in austin

        I grew up out at the Lake, and they used to have a separate place up the road (more towards 620), a trailer, that just did tamales. They were great. As for the sit down Rosie's... eh. It's almost as bad as El Patio on Guad.

        1. re: Flapjacks

          Hey, hey, hey! I never liked Rosies very much, but El Patio has got to be my favorite place for enchiladas in all of Austin (Enchiladas y Mas is a close 2nd)! Very old Austin here, very much old style TexMex. The best!

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        1. one of the attractions of Rosie's is that it is BYOB. You can mix up a pitcher your own margaritas at home, or a cooler of beer, drink as much as you want (with a DD in tow of course) and get out of there pretty cheap
          By the way, Willie Nelson supposedly frequents it.
          Salt lick used to be BYOB too, Haven't been in so long, I don't know if it is or not anymore.

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          1. re: TroyTempest

            Never was a fan of Rosie's. The Salt Lick in Driftwood is still BYOB. Heard the new one out in Round Rock (or is it Georgetown??) is going to have a liquor license. The new thing at Salt Lick now is a sign on the door stating that as of 9/1/08 they will no longer offer to go containers for your leftover "all you can eat" BBQ.

            1. re: Kaya_n_Austin

              are you SERIOUS!? i can't see myself ever driving out to the salt lick again. having another meal for the next day helped justify the drive out there.

          2. The original comment has been removed