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Aug 31, 2008 02:32 PM

Report on Ogunquit

My wife and I recently spent three days and two nights in Ogunquit. Our impressions in chronological order.

Lunch at Splash on Ogunquit Beach - My wife had the Splash burger, I had a chicken sandwich. The burger was as good as it always is, the chicken was of poorer quality than expected. Maybe I just got a bad piece, maybe they've lowered the quality to offset other rising costs, it was not particularly good.

Drinks at Frills on Shore Road - Small restaurant, outside seating only. The bar seats about 10 or so, they all appeared to be locals. Two rum punches to perfection plus a great dinner recommendation. Great bartender BTW, thank you Pete!

Dinner, Black Sushi - Two difference kinds of Sushi roll, raw oysters, a salad and chocolate infused banana prepared to look like a sushi roll. Everything was prepared to perfection, the tuna was excellent and the dessert incredible. This was the best food I've had in Ogunquit ever. Thank you Will!

Breakfast (every morning), Bread and Roses bakery, great coffee, outstanding pastry.

Lunch - Blue Water Inn. Lets just say the Margarita's were excellent and leave it at that. Its got a great view of the salt water marsh, ask for your burger well done......

Dinner - 98Provence, very disappointing. I had the Monkfish and my wife had the pork. The best bite was the first and it was all down hill from there. Maybe I just don't like French food but it just didn't go over well. Both dishes too sweet, too creamy, overcooked and did not settle well.

I should add that last year we went to MC Perkins Cove and Five O, both of which were mediocre, we would not recommend or return. We've also been to Amore Breakfast three times in the past two years and highly recommend it, ditto the York Harbor Inn. Finally, we had cocktails and appetizers at Blue Sky in York, the drinks were awesome, the appetizers average.

In the Boston area, places we like, Davios for the bar food, Rumba for the bar (miel was ok, some good dishes, some average), Clink, the lounge at the Liberty Hotel, for the ambience and the appetizers. Places we didn't like, 33 Restaurant and anything in our immediate area, Littleton, MA.

This is my first post as I finally had something constructive to add to the group. I hope this helps someone make the right choice.

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  1. Nice report... I wish my husband liked sushi.

    My favorite Ogunquit restaurant... and one that doesn't get mentioned here often... is Gypsy Sweethearts. We've had consistently good food and service there, and the ambiance is wonderful. Last year we made the mistake of going to MC Perkins Cove for our anniversary... we had never been before, and went because of the glowing reviews. We thought it was mediocre as well, and the space was too open and loud for a romantic dinner (although the view was spectacular.) I highly recommend Gypsy Sweethearts to anyone who's never tried it... both the restaurant and bar upstairs are consistently great.

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      My wife and I went to Gypsy last year for dessert after our mediocre anniversary dinner. We whole heartedly agree, the ambiance and service is great. We didn't eat dinner there because we felt the menu was somewhat limited. Our mistake, next year we will go there. We also heard the upstairs bar was a great place, particularly after hours.

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        We ate there this last spring, and the only thing I didn't like was the grilled portobello mushroom with sundried tomato and bacon. It was way too salty and the sundried tomato was WAY too strong, too much. :) I wrote a review when we got back that details what else we had, the rest was good, and I did like being on the porch, it was nice and romantic and sweet. :)

      2. Thanks for tip on Black Sushi - I've never heard of it and am from the general area. Looking forward to trying it. Agree entirely on Bread & Roses -- outstanding pastries!! Sorry 98 Provence was a disappointmt. We've dined there a couple of times and always had a terrific meal. But, we generally go off season.

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            1. Glad you liked Black Sushi. Buzz, the owner, is a really nice guy. Have to agree with you on Provence. Have been a few times and never understood the attraction. The food is overly rich and not particularly well thought out. However, I think you should try MC again. We eat there frequently and found that it was really excellent this season. I especially recommend that you try the bar menu- fish tacos, fish and chips, etc. Really v ery good and inexpensive. You should also look at the report on Wells Maine dining on this board- about Fisherman's catch in Wells. Such great seafood. RE breakfast, I really do not get Amore. The coffee is horrible, and when you order blueberry pancakes you get a pile of blueberry "compote" (canned?) dumped on top of plain pancakes. I recommend that you try the Cove Cafe which is on Shore Road close to Perkins Cove- the old location of Amore. Really terrific breakfast and very nice people.

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                Thanks Emilief, good stuff to know.

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                  In York/Ogunquit and Portland this past weekend...short report

                  555...Brunch Sunday...b plus...skip the donuts, eat the sticky bun, omlett...pretty good...cooked too long water broke out, chipotle bloody mary's needed salt. Small biscuits...just make them bigger and they will not be like marbles.

                  Hurricane's in K'bunkport...great wines...a-...on the lobster stew...

                  Verranos...Wells Beach ...Sat night,,,good homestyle Italian...great waitress and the double JD's were just great. Good bread,

                  Amore Breakfast monday morning...A plus...really...great poached eggs, great owner

                  Maine Diner...B-...watery meatloaf, it's a diner. Won;t return.

                  Chocolate from the Candy Place in Ogunquit...some of the best i have had...all kinds..nice is the gift shop next door...the Maine something.

                  The Bakery on the other side...not so good...soft when it was supposed to be crusty and crusty when it is supposed to be soft.

                  York Harbor Inn...nice atmosphere...why make a lobster stew that is absolutely great for flavor and ruin it with convenience basil raviloi. Good asperge, good dessert.

                  Rabelais...the cookbook- bookstore in Portland...I could spend the day in there. Nice owner

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                    Thank you for the review, I also gave Varano's a good rating from last year its nice to see that they are still serving a good meal. I recommend them quite often. And I also think that the Maine Diner is Just That (A Diner) and not any kind of a gourmet delight,as a lot of people think it is.