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Aug 31, 2008 12:55 PM

Where to eat West Hollywood first night of honeymoon?


We're be staying at Chateau Marmont in a few weeks for the first night of our honeymoon, and would love some recommendations of places fairly nearby to go and eat. Ideally we'd like somewhere attached to or near a nice bar so we can spend the evening there, but any recommendations would be fantastic. We would like somewhere with a fantastic, relaxed atmosphere, and are really open to all suggestions from bar food to pizzerias to something much more upscale.

Many thanks


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  1. How about Gordon Ramsay at the London. It's less than a mile from your hotel and got a very nice review last in in the L.A. Times. C.H.'ers here seem to like it, too.

    Of course, for high end pizza their Pizzeria Mozza. And, for a great slice near you on La Cienega, Vito's is superb. Esp try the vegetable and the mushroom slices.

    1. For a nice bar you can't do better than the one at Chateau Marmont. Upscale, good burger, excellent chance of either a star or faux-star with the papparazzi. Are you familiar with L.A. geography? Chateau Marmont is on the Sunset Strip, with all kinds of bars -- from rocker to gay to hotels on the hillside -- all within healthy walking distance or a short drive. (Note: With the hefty valet fees in that stretch and L.A. not being a cab city, walking will be your best bet.)

      West Hollywood, Chateau Marmont's neighborhood, is adjacent to Beverly Hills, just to the southwest. There you have some of the most famous restaurants around -- Spago and Cut, for Wolfgang Puck's flagship and steakhouse. Very close to where you are staying is Gordon Ramsay's new place the London in a just refurbished hotel. Some of the most renowned hotels have bars -- the Peninsula, the Beverly Regent, the Four Seasons.

      If you drive Sunset to the east a few miles, past La Cienega and La Brea and Western, you hit Thai Town. Jitlada has outstanding Thai food with a special southern Thai menu, and Palms Thai has the remarkable, fun, and unique Thai Elvis on weekend nights. Just south of that stretch is Koreatown, running along 6th down to Olympic, with great Korean BBQ options and clubs and bars sporting a lively very late night (early morning) scene. Also east of West Hollywood are Mario Batali's relatively new L.A. outposts, the Pizzeria Mozza and the Osteria Mozza.

      You appear to have time before your trip. Scroll down this board or search for Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, or Westside and read some of the reviews and link to some of the blogs with pictures. I haven't even mentioned such essentially L.A. standouts as Lucques, AOC, Jar, Campanile and many others. And I've excluded mentioning places further west towards Santa Monica or east heading downtown.

      Finally, for some of the best-reviewed NY-style pizza in SoCal, Vito's is not far on La Cienega -- the hotel may even be in their delivery zone. For inexpensive burgers or chilidogs, Carney's is also on the north side of Sunset in a converted train car -- far better than Pink's. If you don't have them near your hometown, you may want to sample In'N'Out Burger for a double-double, but the closest ones are on Sunset all the way east at La Brea or west in Westwood Village -- though you could grab some just north of LAX on your way to the hotel. Enjoy, good luck, ask more specific questions when you have them, and report back.

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        To clarify, the bar and restaurant at the "Chateau Marmont" hotel are very different from "Bar Marmont" which is also a bar and restaurant. They are they same owners but Bar Marmont is much more casual and youthful. It is next door to the hotel but more situated on Sunset itself. It is a dark Parisian Bistro decor, candle lit with warmly rustic colored walls. Music is playing and sometimes loud enough to dance to but no one really dances; just me when I am tipsy :). They won't be playing any current pop or rap hits but there might be a sampling of some songs you know. The food is French bistro so burger, mussles, fries, stews. A much more approachable evening when comparaed to the Chateau which may be more formal than what you are looking for. Always make a reservation when going even if just for dessert and drinks. They seem to prefer it over a walk in.