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Aug 31, 2008 12:40 PM

Toronto Chinese restaurants summer 2008

Reading back a few years, there are perennial favourites in the city, noted for being consistently good or great with long-term management and staff. In my own experience I think of the Ambassador, Elegant View to the north, Pearl Court in the Broadview/Gerrard chinatown (this would be the just consistent example,) E-pan and New Sky downtown, LWH and Dynasty for what some describe as tablecloth service. Then there's the chain and/or franchise places like Congee King/Queen/Star and Asian Legend.

I'm wondering what is new (or the same for that matter) out there in terms of decent sit-down traditional Chinese?

[While we're here I'd like to ask a peculiar question to the other juk sing: if there are places your family will NOT go for dinners and occasions because they are deemed 'high class?' Every family has it's favourites for sure but this is one of those things where no matter how much easier it gets, it's always a little wacky being an immigrant's kid...]

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  1. LWH - I actually prefer Rol San these days.
    New Sky - Still one of our favorites on Spadina.
    Rol San - Our new favorite for dim sum.
    Szechuan Legend - Awesome, you guessed it... Szechuan.

    1. Asian Majesty on Spadina (next to Swatow) is new this year. Not bad, but a little inconsistent.


      1. Any recommendations for a HK teahouse style cafe?

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          Your question doesn't quite have to do with the OP but you can have a look in Splendid China Tower on Steeles across from Market Village.