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Aug 31, 2008 11:50 AM

improving store sauerkraut

what do you add to your store bought sauerkraut? I'm going to a b-b-q at 4 today. Thanks.

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  1. Gosh, you're probably already chowing down. Next time, try adding a half teaspoon of caraway seeds (or more to taste) for every pound of sauerkraut, plus one apple, peeled, cored and diced or shredded.

    Another nice addition: some fat to mellow the sourness. If your crowd is OK with pork, start by cutting four slices of bacon into half inch strips, sauté them to render the fat, then stir in the kraut and apple. Alternatively, sauté your kraut in a couple of tablespoons of butter.

    You can also add a half cup of cider, beer, or chicken broth.

    1. Well, that's sorta a useless Chow time window. Anyway, for future reference: be sure not to get canned sauerkraut - assuming you're not getting from a real crock or barrel, bagged is best, then jarred. Always avoid canned.

      Melt some goose/duck fat, lard, butter or oil (preference in that order) in a sautee pan, cook some finely shredded or diced onions until soft. Meanwhile, rinse the kraut. Add some dry white wine or riesling to the pan and cooked down a little. Add the kraut with diced or shredded apple and some caraway seeds or juniper berries to taste. Cook until flavors are nicely blended.

      1. 5 year bump, would also appreciate suggestions for store bought sauerkraut available at major markets.

        I'm in SoCal if that matters.

        1. ...adding any kind of cooked pork bits or bacon would be my easy addition

          1. Out here in kraut country (eastern Pennsylvania), we have a number of options sold in chilled 2-lb. bags in the deli case. I hope you have at least one option as canned kraut has a harsh, tinny taste. Glass jarred kraut is better. Check the international section for jarred from Germany or Poland.

            As for additions, my dear mom used to melt a few Tbs of reserved bacon fat and saute a chopped medium onion until lightly browned. Then added a diced apple (or cup of apple sauce), 2 Tbs of brown sugar and a Tbs of caraway seeds before stirring in the kraut. While some drain it, mom never did as the liquid evaporates during baking at 350 for an hour. The result is a kraut with a delicate caraway sweetness that I still make to this day.

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              I'm going to try this the next time I make kraut. Thank you.