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Aug 31, 2008 11:44 AM

Lunches in Dallas Next Week

I'm taking vacation next week {hardly ever happens} and plan for me and the wife to visit very nice restaurants for lunch only since the kids are in school and we need to be back in the afternoons. Here is the list I have put together of options and would like all of you hounds advise for the top 3.

Mansion on Turtle
Stephen Pyles

Others I may have missed?

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  1. York Street serves lunch on Wednesdays.

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    1. re: BluffViewChound

      Jasper's in Plano in the Shops at Legacy. The $15 Today's Lunch Special is marvelous and a real bargain for the price!

    2. I agree with the addition of York Street but definitely call to make sure they are still serving lunch now that school has started back.

      Your list looks good--definitely try Craft. The last couple of meals I have had there have been perfect.

      1. Stephan Pyles is tremendous for lunch! I can highly recommend - see blog post:

        1. Ok we had lunch at Craft's today and I would have to say it was good, not great especially considering the price and I am no cheapskate. Only saw 3 other people having lunch there today so maybe it's another economic sign. We tried several different items from a new feature the waiter suggested called the lunch pre-fix. Steak, skate, escargot, salad, green beans, ice cream, and berries. This was our first visit and the place is very upscale and nice. Service was great and the decorations and the atmosphere very nice.

          I think Stephen Pyles will be the next place we visit.

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            did you try any of the desserts? we had the beignets.. awesome.. will go back just for the sweets...

            1. re: lizlemon

              Only the berries and ice cream.

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              In my two experiences at Craft (one during restaurant week) I'd say that their focus seems to be simple dishes with skillful execution. The dishes I've had were not terribly creative, but were very well prepared. Was your lunch experience similar? Did you say "not great" because the dishes weren't interesting, or because the preparation was below your standard? just curious.

              1. re: gavlist

                Certainly not below my standard and may be that I need to acquire the taste for finer foods. I did enjoy the meal very much but did not find anything really tasteful and that would bring me back. If you or other patrons of Craft have certain menu items to suggest I would try again.

            3. My suggestion would be to add the new restaurant The Screen Door, in One Arts Plaza, downtown...then you could stroll through the Nasher or Dallas Museum of Arts afterwards...I hear the food is wonderful, and the lunch menu looks great....

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                The screen door sounds like a great idea and we may try tomorrow or one Sunday for brunch. Today we are headed to Jasper's in Plano for lunch and I will give my 2 cents worth this evening on this experience.