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Aug 31, 2008 11:17 AM

Long Island City Dining Guide

After 10 years in LIC, here is Jason's Dining Guide to LIC. Comments/edits are welcome.

Best Food/Value: La Vuelta and Bella Via
Latin: La Vuelta
Pizza: Bella Via
Not Thin Crust Pizza: A&J Pizzeria
Diner: Court Square Diner (hamburger and greek salad recommended)
Italian: Manducatis, Da Gianni (honorable mention to Manetta's)
Coffee: Brasil Coffee House
Turkish: Turkish Grill (42-03 Queens Blvd)
French: Tournesol
Lounge: Lounge 47, The Creek and the Cave
Steak: Jackson Avenue Steakhouse (by default- take the G to Peter Luger!)
Chinese: Fortune Cookie (by default- take the 7 to Main Street)
Hole in the Wall Latin Takeout: Las Vegas
Japanese: BANY (sushi and mango chicken)
Barbeque: Lucky Mojos (or take the 7 to Times Square for Virgil's)
Indian: Five Star
Deli: Sage, Kitchen Door (spicy wrap)
Chain Sandwiches: Quiznos
Bar/Pub w/good food: McReilly's pub (good hamburger)
Bar/Pub w/so-so food: Shannon Pot
Bar/Pub that's over 100 years old: Brooks
Tea: Communitea
Brunch: Cafe Henri, Blend, Tournesol
Bagels: Bricktown
Donuts: Dunkin Donuts (Queens Plaza- by default)
Ice Cream: Baskin Robbins (Queens Plaza- by default)
Mexican: De Mole (not LIC but close enough)
Burrito not from De Mole: Tost
Tamales: Original Mexican Grocery (Astoria)
Mexican/Italian/Bakery Fusion: La Flor (also not LIC but very good)
Overpriced American: Water's Edge
Overpriced Seafood: Waterfront Crab House
Thai: Gaw Gai Thai Express (23-06 Jackson Ave)
Unfriendly/Incompetent Thai: Tuk Tuk (Vernon Blvd)

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  1. Nice list, just a few updates:

    McReilly's is closed, as of Friday which is sad
    Manducatis' Rustica store/cafe is opening very soon and will serve gelato, I tried it on the 4th of July and it was excellent, definitely the best ice-cream place in the area.
    Shi is open now for takeout and the restaurant will open soon. Judging from the takeout it will easily be far better than any other Chinese place in the area.

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    1. re: Astoria Lurker

      Thanks for the updates, was hoping for some of those. Someone told me about McReilly's...that's too bad. Is Rustica next to Manducatis or elsewhere? And where is Shi?

      1. re: BigV

        Rustica is on Vernon, east side of the street between 47th ave and 46th road. Shi is in the older Rockrose building next to Blue Streak wine, on Center Blvd.

        Oh, also it's no longer "The Creek and the Cave" its just "The Creek". And they've opened Sweet Leaf tea + coffee around the corner which looks quite promising. Still no word on when Ihawan is opening though, I thought they were ready to go about the same time as BANY but nothing happened.

        Oh, also for Ice Cream, the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory is a short walk over the Pulaski bridge and it is far better than any other options in LIC right now.

    2. If you're gonna go out to Turkish Grill I suggest your cross the street and hit up Mangal Kebab. They have sit down now. It's better and cheaper. Turkish grill is great, but Mangal is even better!

      Order your sandwiches on the "home style" bread.

      1. Manducatis Rustica, at 46-31 / 46-33 / 46-35 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11101, near 46th Ave. Phone (718) 937-1312.
        Open now, six days a week, closed on Mondays.
        It's EXCELLENT!