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Aug 31, 2008 11:02 AM

Banh Mi in Lowell/Nashua area

Does anyone know where to get banh mi? I'm familiar w/several southeast asian restaurants in the area, but have yet to find banh mi

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  1. I was tipped off to the best banh mi place in Lowell by a Vietnamese coworker. It's off Fletcher St. which is off Dutton St. You have to be going away from City Hall on Dutton, take a right on Fletcher, then after about 30 feet, take a right into a parking lot. You can't even see these places from here but drive around the corner of the lot and there they are. There's also a little market. If you get there early enough, they may have the shredded pork and BBQ beef in addition to chicken and "regular". Good bubble teas (or whatever they call them) too.

    1. There are two places across the street from each other on Branch, where it splits off of Middlesex. Heng Heng is right on Branch, while Yummy's is in the parking lot of the se asian grocery store across the street. (I forget the name - it's not as good as Battambang, so I never go there.) They're both good, both around $2.50. Yummy also has these really tasty beef sticks using tendon meat - chewy but delicious - but only on Thursdays thru Saturdays. They both also have a good steam line of other prepared foods.