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Aug 31, 2008 10:59 AM

Anniversary dinner on labour day???

does anyone have a suggestion for something at least semi nice for our anniversary on labour day. I tried nota bene but they will be closed.
We live in the west end but are happy to go downtown. The nice thing about celebrating on the actual day is that we have the grandparents babysitting so any help in finding a great restaurant open would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. I'd make a call first, but these should be open. And any place that is, should be empty I imagine. Better service, more romantic. Coarse the chef might be off.

    Le Select
    Harbord Room
    The Drake
    Globe Bistro

    1. Well we share the same anniversary and problem. What's your budget? I am around $100 per couple , exclusive of booze/wine.For sentimental resons might do the no surprises Keg mansion....was engaged there many a moon ago when it was called Julie's Mansion. Also was considering La Palette in Kensington (likely closed) or an al fresco suggestion.Have you done Via Allegro in the west end....pricey, but a special occasion kinda joint.

      1. Harbord Room is closed until Sept 2.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Any good hotel should do the trick. Try the Four Seasons for either high end Truffles or mid-range Studio Cafe. The Park Hyatt is a delightful, old-world oasis. It has Annnona for fine dining and the Rooftop Lounge for the best martini with a view.

            Remember all tourist districts are open. That includes Yorkville and Queen's Quay areas. As well the Eaton Centre (although ironically you can't eat at the Eaton Centre) and Pacific Mall are open.

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              Thank you all for your replies and suggestions - we did go to Le Select and had a very nice evening out on the patio. It was pleasantly full and what a great night for eating alfresco. Nice filet and frites and we both had their delicious frisee salad that we order every time.
              Thanks again!