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Aug 31, 2008 10:33 AM

Brasserie for a group of women in paris

We are a group of 8 women going to Paris next month. We are staying in the 1st, and looking for a brasserie suggestion nearby, or within in a 10 -15 minute cab. Thinking about Fottes, Fermette Marbeuf, Lorraine and Marty. Any thoughts would be appreciated. This group has already done Coupole, Vaudville, Bofinger.

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  1. Chez Flottes, formerly Brasserie Flottes, is a bit down scale from Bofinger, but I find the prices lower and of the same quality. Certainly much better than Vaudeville and Coupole. The duck dishes are superb, and Aligote is included with the Confit de Canard. We usually stop here for their Croque sandwiches avec frites etc. A friendly place for English speakers.

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      Check out, Taxi required. Lots of history here, and Souphie says it is the best of the classic brasseries. Balzar is my personal favorite, but it wouldn't work for your group of eight.

    2. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Flottes may not be right for this group.

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        Are you looking for anything in particular? Explaining what is wrong with Flottes may help. Is there anything special about it being a group of 8 women that we need to be aware of?

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          The reply said Flottes was a bit downscale from Bofinger. I am looking for a traditional brasserie, beautiful interior, good, straightforward food. Thinking about lorraine or I have heard good things about gallopin as well.

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            Brasserie Mollard, 115 rue Saint-Lazare, 8th arr., would be another good choice.


      2. Stay away from the Fermette Marbeuf. My daughter & I went on the recommendation of Michelin and it was bad....overpriced, terrible service, indifferent reception. Another find from Michelin turned out really well. It's Bistrot d'olivier in the 1st. We had a 3 course "menu" (36 euros each). Delicious, different & we felt, it was (gulp!) relatively inexpensive compared w/ other Michelin recommendations.