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Aug 31, 2008 09:48 AM

Matt's In The Market-Best Bad Experience

I had a day to spend by myself in Seattle and went and had lunch at Matt's In The Market. I made reservations at the bar and ordered the Catfish Sandwich with the house salad. First off I have to say that the service was great and that's what will make me come back, because unfortunately the sandwich was not very good. The house salad was one of the best I've had, pumpkin seeds and goat cheese over mixed greens with a wonderful dressing. When the sandwich arrived it was different then I imagined. I thought it would be a thinner, more crusted piece of fish, but it was thick and a bit undercooked. I ate around it, but only ate about a third. I covered the plate with my napkin and when my server came to get it he noticed that I didn't eat much and asked if I enjoyed my lunch. I said it was fine. I know I should of said something, but I didn't know what to really complain about. I thought, maybe this is how they prepare it and I just didn't care for it. He took the plate away and came back and told me that he didn't feel it was quite cooked enough and didn't charge me for my meal. I was shocked! I don't think that's ever happened to me before. I saw other dishes arriving to tables around me and I can tell what a wonderful restaurant this is. I guess I had the best bad experience. I will definetly try Matt's again when I'm in town.

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  1. I'll never understand people who have a bad experience at a place that evidently cares, says nothing, and then complains on a board. I was passing through Seattle recently and had lunch there. The service and food were fantastic. Perhaps you and I had the same sandwich, the seared tuna? I loved it. I'll be back next visit.

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      I'll never understand people who do not read a post all the way through before they write an opinion. I was not complaining about the restaurant. I was complimenting them on how they dealt with a under cooked sandwich. Also, you would have read that I had the Catfish, which should be cooked completely through, not the seared tuna which is, well, seared!

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        i've had similar experiences with the occasional piece of thick undercooked catfish sandwich at Matt's, and also with their willingness to comp the check if the customer is not completely satisfied, which i applaud. i would give the catfish sandwich another shot, hopefully you'll get a better piece next time.

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        I've personally worked in restaurant kitchens in my relative youth (both high end and low end places). After seeing what I've seen - I'm usually tempted not to complain about the food unless it's really out of bounds - not unless you like extra ingredients in the food coming back to you.

      3. I actually appreciate the post and believe that the sole purpose of this board is to provide opinions, suggestions, and insight into things the rest of us don't know, specifically, your own personal experiences.

        I was considering taking a woman to Matt's for our first date. This information certainly provides me with some much needed information. I wasn't particularly fond of their menu, anyway, though I do feel that good service is a necessity and often under-appreciated.

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          I was taken to Matt's for a first date 5 1/2 years ago and have been married to the person who took me there for 2 1/2 years and we have a 1 year old baby daughter. Though Matt's isn't responsible for our falling in love, it set the perfect scene for a first date. I know it's in a bigger space now, but I would still recommend it very highly for a first date. I also love Moxie, where Matt's former chef went to open her own place...

        2. I am sorry I have to interrupt the Matt’s Lovefest.

          I know I am amongst a very small majority, and I rarely make a negative post but I have never had a good experience at Matt’s. I have eaten several times before the remodel and twice since the remodel, for both lunch and dinner and have yet to be treated well. I kept going back because I figured I was living in some anomalous zone but never again.

          My two most recent experiences are; I went for dinner and had reservations for two on my 10 year anniversary (which I told them when making my reservation) unfortunately our table wasn’t ready and we were informed it would be 30-45 minute wait. The suggested we go to Chez Che for a glass of wine while we waited. We had 2 glasses of sparkling wine and when our table was ready we were given the bill. Sat down at Matt’s it was hot and extremely loud. The food was mediocre and the server indifferent we had another bottle of wine and at the end of our meal nothing was comped, despite the long wait with reservations.

          The next and last time I attempted to eat at Matt’s I was with my mother, it was 1:50… they stop serving at 2:00 we rush in ask for a table and are informed that they cannot seat us as it is past 2:00, several empty seats at that bar and at least 1 empty table. (I showed them the clock on my phone which registered 1:50) apparently bar time still applies. As we are leaving I bumped into some friends who were on their way to Matt’s, I let them know that we had just been turned away. They told me they that they had just gotten off the phone and were told to come in, and when I spoke to them the next day had been seated.

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            Hmm, what were you wearing?

            Just kidding, that's lame. Maybe you weren't acting suitably worshipful.

          2. I too recently had a bad experience at Matts. An undercooked meat order and a surly server to defend it.