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Aug 31, 2008 09:09 AM

The Tiny Chef

A couple months ago GFL made mention of the Tiny Chef in a post about catering. I decided to check out her web site,, and thought she sounded fun and booked an evening of cooking and demonstration. At long last, last night came and we had such a great time. She arrived around 5:30 and didn't leave until almost midnight. I'm sure she could normally have been gone earlier but we were having so much fun that I know we slowed the process down. We laughed, ate, drank, cooked, watched, learned, and told stories.

The menu:
Spinach Cannelloni with Tomoato Sauce (how much better is homemade pasta!!
)Roasted Pork with Herbs, Garlic, and White Wine
Stuffed Zucchini Marche Style

I like to cook but I am totally an amateur so I was looking for tips, tricks, ideas, and confidence that "I can do this!" She certainly delivered all the above -- all with a laugh or smile. I highly recommend checking out her web site and giving her a try. By the time the evening was done, we had eaten better Italian than any local restaurant, learned how to do it ourselves, had a grand time, and had made a new friend in the process.

Thanks for the tip GFL.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed The Tiny Chef in Charlotte. Chef Susanne Dillingham is very knowledgeable about Italian cuisine, I think she trained there. Also a fine chef, a wonderful cook, an excellent teacher and a lovely lady.

    1. That's great, Art! This is what CH is all about. Good information on good food being passed from one person to another. And hiring a personal chef to come into your home is not something you generally do on a whim - like go to a new resto. It's awesome that you heard from someone who had seen her in action first.

      It sounds like a completely lovely evening. Glad it was everything you expected and maybe even more!