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Aug 31, 2008 08:15 AM

D'Espana on Broome St


I love this store for it's meats and cheeses - the blood sausage is unbelievable!!!

Anyone ever have their hams? Any recommendations?


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  1. Their jamon Iberico de bellota is out of the world. So incredibly good! Their serrano ham is good as well, though once you have the iberico ham is hard to go back to serrano.

    They also have a lot of nice canned spanish goods. I love their bruscetta toppings and seafood, though some are quite expensive (like the baby angulas). Their spanish cheese selection and quality is excellent, beats Murray's on any day IMO.

    Their coffee is excellent as well. You can order their sandwich and coffee and it will be a nice quick lunch.

    They also have churros over the weekend!

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      I recently went there for a few small bites and a bocadillo. All their items, meats and cheeses are the bomb-dot-com!

      Their Iberico bocadillo is a little pricey at $25 (when I was in Barcelona you can get the same for 3-5 euros). Oh well, I guess thats the price for rare imported hams that were only recently legalized.

      My biggest disappointment was the bread used in their sandwiches; they use ciabatta rolls/bread which were def too chewy and difficult to eat/chew; almost ruining the high quality indgredients, meats, cheeses used in the sandwich. I think they could improve greatly by using lighter, crisper, more airy French baguettes as they use in Spain. If they actually used better frech rolls, id be eating there much more often. But honestly, Illl never buy a sandwich there again; just the meats and cheeses.

    2. Sausages and cured hams are good, albeit very expensive with the bellota.
      Not impressed with their cheeses. Imho, better quality and sources at Ideal and/or Murray's.

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        I was there this afternoon....I had to try some of the Bellota ham. They will sell you any amount, no matter how I just got $14 worth...and they even gave me a free sample. Its sliced so thin, and the flavor is so intense, that a little bit goes a long way. I still have plenty left for tomorrow.