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Aug 31, 2008 07:26 AM

Good eats between Convention Ctr and Art Museum

Hi all - I'm heading into Philly today to meet up with my brother and his wife who are staying near the Convention Center. I'm looking for dinner recommendations for a place in between there and the Art Museum area. We're interested in inexpensive and casual (but no Chili's or anything like that). I'm laying off the carbs, so I think Chinatown might not be an option, but correct me if my assumption is wrong. Meat is good. We're up for anything cuisine-wise.


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  1. Figs, at 25th, is a good byob in the Art Museum area. It is across the Parkway, near the Perlman annex to the museum.
    There is a free shuttle bus that runs between the main museum and the annex every ten or fifteen minutes. If you park near the annex, it makes things easier.
    Figs is Mediterranean/American and has plenty of meat on the menu. They take credit cards.

    For Italian, you can try L'Oca, on Fairmount Ave across from the prison - 20th or 21st streets. Also meat on the menu, and a very good chicken dish. Also BYOB, and may be cash only.

    1. ??? Chinese is the only Asian that is really carb-heavy, and even that is only carb-heavy if you eat things like lo mein (yuk). Other Asian cuisines are heavily veg and meat, and if you don't eat the rice that comes with, or avoid noodle dishes, then you could have an almost no-carb meal. Try Malaysian (Penang or Banana Leaf) or Vietnamese (Vietnam). Both places have rice and noodle dishes on the menu, but also have a huge variety of dishes that are just veg and meat. I love the mango shrimp and salt-baked fish at Penang, and the grilled appetizer platter (sized to share! comes with lettuce to make lettuce wraps!) and sauteed baby bok choy at Vietnam.