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Aug 31, 2008 06:10 AM

Rosie's Bistro

I finally tried this restaurant last evening after hearing much hype about it both here and elsewhere. Although our food was cooked to the perfect consistency (tender veal, lamb shank falling apart) I was disappointed: the food was good but not great, and really didn't live up to its reputation. It just didn't compare to some of the places I've eaten in South Philadelphia or to the real deal places in Italy. My husband agreed with me as well. I think they definitely had the cooking technique down pat but missed one of the most important features of great Italian cooking: less is more.

Is it possible this was an off night? Or is this just not as great an Italian restaurant as it's made out to be?

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  1. Doc, I don't think it was an off night. The place is GOOD as a Westchester NY based Bistro style Italian restaurant. If you compare it to Italy - there are rest stops on the Autostrada that would prefer over Rosie's!

    1. I have to say I wasn't too impressed with Rosie's either. When I read the menu, I was excited, as everything sounded really good, but the food sounded a lot better than it was. It was just average. I had a zucchini flower app. which was just ok and a pasta that was mostly just mushrooms and garlic. I was expecting a lot better.

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        I agree that the zucchini flower appetizer is not very good.

      2. Went this evening with the wife.The crowd in the restaurant was very mature and the atmosphere was flat, even by Westchester standards.
        We both had starters and main dishes all of which were bland.
        The service was pleasant and the lighting was sympathetic.
        In a word : Underwhelmed.

        1. I think that Rosie's depends entirely on what you order. For example, I think that the carpaccio is the best appetizer that they have, and I would eat that all day long. The arugula salad on top of the sliced beef is lemony and sharp with sheets of salty parmesan on top. It is delicious. My husband adores the seafood stew thing they serve in a large bowl. I've tried his -- it is really delicious with a mellow garlicy tomato broth uniting all the seafood. I've yet to land on a South Beach friendly main course that rings my bells, but I feel that Rosie's is the kind of place where you can find a few excellent dishes and you can have a satisfying meal if you stick to whathas pleased you before. As people who live in Bronxville, we are always surprised by the crowd there -- mostly not from the neighborhood (rarely do we see anyone we know )-- and older than we'd expect. Don't get me wrong -- this isn't Sapadaro where you are treated to a meal of great simplicity and authenticity -- be we like Rosie's for what it is, and we probably eat there more frequently than at any other restaurant in the area.

          1. I really like Rosie's, but I don't think it's a "great" Italian restaurant. I like it because although the food isn't memorable in my opinion, it is good, served in decent portions, priced right and the atmosphere is welcoming and bustling. I agree with Roxlet-- some dishes are much better than others, and you will be more satisfied there if you find a few dishes you really like and stick to them. We go there when we want a nice, reasonably priced, pleasant evening out. But it wouldn't be our choice if we're looking for superb Italian food. I really don't think that is what they are trying to be.