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Aug 31, 2008 03:25 AM

Fresh Baker's Yeast and Yeast Cream

I have found Fresh Baker's Yeast at Biscuit, Washington and Beacon in Somerville near Cambridge. Nothing at Wholefood or Central Square Harvest Food coop.

Any other source of fresh Baker's yeast.

What I would like is Yeast Cream for its high concentration of sucrose enzyme. Anyone knows how to make Yeast Cream out of dry yeast or Fresh Baker's Yeast?

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  1. You can buy fresh yeast from bakeries: Piantedosi in Malden always offers it, 1lb bars but frozen. Central Bakery on Cambridge Street offered it, but I have had some trouble getting it recently. Bakeries which sell dough, such as Parziale's, may offer it too (not 100% certain). And if you know what to do with 10lbs, Paul Marks in Everett will do cash and carry. No idea about Yeast Cream, sounds like a query for the home cooking board.

    1. Arax market (in the must-visit middle-east market district on Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown) almost always has fresh yeast for sale in units that are quite suitable for the home baker. It is simply packaged and shaped like a miniature stick of butter. Look for it towards the right hand end of the top shelf of the refrigerated unit that is mostly stocked with pre-cooked foods (mostly various vegetable concoctions). Also consider buying some of those - every one I have ever tried is delicious.